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  1. Where would you start?

    Thank you for all the helpful information, I'll probably go back to trying to create basic programs and then move on from there.
  2. Where would you start?

    I'm currently trying to learn C# so I can eventually develop a 2D Platformer, I was learning how to use Java but once I noticed that it was probably going to be a huge waste of time I moved onto XNA. If anyone who has experience with this language and could maybe provide me with some links/advice (nothing outdated please!) that'd be great. Thanks in advance. Note: I do notice I put the bar quite high when I talk about creating a 2D platformer even though I haven't even started using XNA yet, I only included it incase anyone was curious for some unknown reason. Also if anyone has skype and wouldn't mind adding me incase I had any questions during my "adventure" I'd be most grateful! 
  3. I want to start somewhere small, but my end result is to finish a 2D platformer puzzler game. Does anyone know where I could start, I have abit of experience with Java and Gamemaker but I feel as if I'm getting nowhere. Thanks in advance.
  4. My introduction to this forum

    [quote name='Krohm' timestamp='1352539164' post='4999598'] Welcome, have fun. If you want to be a programmer, can I suggest to [url=""]read this[/url]? It's going to be a long way forward! [/quote] Will do! Thanks for the link.
  5. My introduction to this forum

    Hello everybody, My name is Sir8BitHero and I'm a 15 year old gamer who recently became interested in creating indie games. I only recently started programming (if you can even call it that) and I've only learnt a small amount by using the program "game maker". Hopefully I'll get to know some of the members and maybe learn a few things in the process. Have a nice day~