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  1. Hello, I want to design an easily extensible item system for my game where I don't need to modify existing code much. I want to add items with new effects on the fly. Traits my items have in common: A name, a description, an npc sell price, if it can be equipped, required level, if it is usable in battle, if it is usable outside of battle, a cooldown So I can encapsulate this already into a class. But now there are item effects. Example: heals x health points, heals x mana points, removes debuff x, adds buff x, gives x stat points on equipping, has x% chance to create some other effect when equipped, etc. And those can be combined like: heals x health and mana points. The first four are examples for effects a usable item can have while the last two are examples for effects equipable items can have. The idea behind it is that I have this structure in a database as well and I can add a new item with a new effect combination in my database, my code reads this then and builds it together into a new fancy item, without me having to modify much. The only time I need to modify my code is when I add new effects obviously. How would you put this together in design pattern(s)? I am writing my game in a language which has support for OO obviously.
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