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  1. xiaoan

    So You Want to Hire a Composer

    @IK-Sound   I was talking about production music libraries.
  2. xiaoan

    A Guide To Midi Orchestration

    Definitely a useful tool for people who need some help in composing. Also - I saw your comment. Nothing wrong with self promotion! haha Great job!
  3. Hello Ravyne, apologies for the late reply.   The short answer is that in general, the recordings are buy-outs (no secondary fees). If you'd like more information, please feel free to email me through the website!
  4. Here's a video of the orchestra:  
  5. Hello everyone! If you ever wanted your music recorded with a live orchestra but felt intimidated by high cost of hiring one - this opportunity is for you! East Coast Scoring provides great orchestral recording at indie-friendly rates. On top of this, we can also group multiple composers in a single session so you can split the cost and make it even more affordable. Find out more at www.eastcoastscoring.com
  6. xiaoan


    Hey Jason, nice trailer. One thing I would say though is that the atmospheric sounds changing from scene to scene create some disturbance beneath the music that prevent it from sounding truly professional, even though you have a great track over it. Whoever's doing your audio should probably try to smoothen those changes out between the scenes so that the differences don't sound so abrupt.   Good luck with your Kickstarter! If you're ever interested in recording all or a portion of your soundtrack live, my company Boston Scoring provides affordable solutions for Independent developers so you can take your soundtrack to the next level if you already have a composer.
  7. @frob: It's ok, I'm a musician so I can only count to 12 anyway.
  8. DC_ if you're interested, I can run some ballpark numbers for you if you have an rough idea of the size of audio asset list you're looking at.
  9. Hey frob, I got a fright looking at the 6 months and team of 10 figure and I realized that the calculation is wrong. 10 000/developer month x 10 developers x 6 months = 600 000 and not 6M.
  10. o·pen-source adjective COMPUTING   1. denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.
  11. xiaoan

    The Big List of Game Publishers

    Hey, your link in the post content is misspelled. The one in your signature is fine though.
  12. xiaoan

    Doom Warrior - new PvP arena battler

    It's certainly less common nowadays to see a game of this format. It certainly looks promising - looking forward to seeing it finished!
  13. xiaoan

    Flappy Minaj

    That's a really good picture
  14. Isn't this kind of similar to this other game?   http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/
  15. xiaoan

    Game Design Student in need of help!

    My apologies for the imprecision, perhaps a better word to use would have been "Development" rather than design. Regardless, I think my meaning was probably easy to deduce.
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