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  1. xiaoan

    So You Want to Hire a Composer

    @IK-Sound   I was talking about production music libraries.
  2. xiaoan

    So You Want to Hire a Composer

    There are many ways to get music into your games. If you simply need SOMETHING to be playing in the background, and you don't have a music budget, libraries are good. The drawback about libraries is that they never add to the interactive nature of the experience, and it takes a really long time to find tracks that "go" together to give your game a strong identity, but they're good for a cheap option.
  3. xiaoan

    Engaging Independent Creative Professionals

    @nsmadsen: In retrospect, I agree. Sometimes it's not so much about the price as it is about making the client feel like they're getting a deal.   Part of me feels that setting my price higher so that it has room to go down is insulting the client's intelligence. Another part of me feels that clients who haggle simply want to get more gain for less investment, which is quite an understandable move, after all it's just business. The biggest part of me knows that I don't make the rules for human interaction and I've learned to accept it as part of the process.  
  4. xiaoan

    Engaging Independent Creative Professionals

    Thanks! I think I will.
  5. xiaoan

    Once you land the gig

    It's one thing to ask audio guys to come up with a million drafts when you're paying good money, but when they pay far below standard rates, they should at least have some humility in asking for extra services instead of acting like it's their right.
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