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  1. making a game

    Yeah i wanted to present the core of the game then have them add better looking characters. Sorry for the misunderstanding. So i probably need an artist and someone who can make the program.
  2. making a game

    Thanks for the link. I have seen a gdd before and thats what motivated me. I can write it using a gdd sample. I can also write the story and things like skill effects. And for the company, i talked to someone and they ask for me to find a team in order to present the game. They didnt say what kind of program to use so im hoping you guys could help me with what should i do. :)
  3. i want to make a prototype game

    Sorry just a little excited and im writing by mobile haha For the game engine it would have to say thw one they use in the game brave frontier. Pixel artist are needed and not much music since all we have to show is how it will play. Time frame, what would be the best time so there wont be much pressure and the work doesnt come out rushed. Any other suggestions might help. :)
  4. making a game

    Ticket is like the energy needed to do a quest that refills per day. I call it a ticket since you will be awarded of special tickets after doing certain quest. they will record your progress and you will have to submit them to get evaluated and get the extra rewards. I call them tickets because of costumer supports. Haha Like a ticket to train gathering, passive bonuses and other stuff. Getting enough skills will enable you to get other jobs. As for purpose and story for example you are a smith. You will be task to make weapons and open a new section like either to try and make an armor for a certain npc or help make weapons to improve the kingdom. By planning, i want to submit it to a company for consideration and funding.
  5. making a game

    Yeah so im planning to make an rpg game for the android. The battle is mostly turn based but im to use ai forsome battles that way the player can just head through the area that he wanted and go to the exciting part of the quest. But during the stage if he wants to do it there will be a calculated menu of jow many fights he will get into and he can decide his actions before hand. Like heal if he is 60% at health. and warn him if he does not have enough pots. The main draw will be the gameplay which when a character levels up and the story will be based on their progression. At the start of a chapter the player will be hiven about 3 or 5 tickets onwhocb he/she can decide how they will spend it. The ticket is consumed after going to the plot item,boss or by quitting. Tickets can be spend on to go for a story progressing quest which will vary per choice. I will call the choices arcs and each will have different results. An example is if you try to get the smith art you need to get the quest for gathering materials but it will also give you an option to be an alchemist to make healimg items. Also im planning
  6. i want to make a prototype game

    Hey guys im new and althought i got the idea to make the game i need a team. Or a guy who can make it. I just need someone to make it into a game. Im planning a very short version of a game. Think 3 stages. I got the story ready and how the game is. Turn based in combat. What i want is how much would this cost and how many other members will i need. Im planning to show it via android format. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. A game design I dreamed with

    I'm thinking it going to be story driven first. But The story goes with who the main character quests with and which faction they belong. Each party member has a lot of potential to affect the outcome from being a mercenary to helping an old order of knights and the alliance he can chooses. Of course the other party will shun the main character if its too attached with certain teams. And he can chooses which company he will bring for the final war.
  8. So a player starts out with one character, the overlord and the game is like a huge real time strategy. The one character has to protect the entire populace as they begin the building stage as the first wave of barbarian attacks attack. After clearing it and making a name for the hero/heroine he will be awarded with some guard which he can strategically place and some towers. After given some time the character can grow the simple village into a town and since its like a medieval warring states era he becomes a captain of the guard or captain of a raid. The game goes into a samurai warriors style gameplay of one hero fighting hordes of enemies and his army can be upgraded after each chapter as the town continues to grow. Of course the battle between states continues as your area grows, you can meet allies and increase the kingdom and be awarded a place and title and select another hero or play the main story as it grows into epic proportions from having a hidden bloodline to an ancient battle between good and evil. He will play a huge role as the game progresses whether to make trade or just conquer another place. And to make things more epic, he can use a weapon that changes form and can get exp from which form it is used most and unlock more additional combos or charge attacks. I'm thinking this will just be a prologue and have it more epic and after he dies he gets another role to play as another story goes on as he becomes a worthy candidate and a Valkeiry gets him for another epic war in asgard.
  9. please critique my story

    again some feedback is appreciated
  10. please critique my story

    Im truly sorry I uploaded the incomplete file. here is the finished version of the second part.
  11. Guide to bad game design

    5 minutes to open the menu. Lag on closing it.
  12. An adult orphan who grew up doing some average guild quests such as getting stuff and killing lesser beasts. Or a blacksmith and he meets all kinds of people asking for his service. As the story goes the character can deepen his relation to a faction or person thus he could choose to be either good or bad. Quests ranges from helping thieves raid to rescuing some villagers. As the story goes the quest also more challenging the thieves could become bandits, the rescue operations go to defending forts. This will give a choice if the character takes if he goes an all out bad guy. Giving him a bland background give it more choices to mold him depending which choice you make. Sounds like Dragon age 2 where a player goes all sorts of jobs for cash. The story will be the key like battlerealms in the first part whether you help or kill peasants decides your character path.
  13. Why not try the orphan route? the story can go either way and you could add long lost family members as some bad guy or good guy depending on which route you make.
  14. please critique my story

    This is the second part of the trilogy. Lycans are in it and the ghouls have a much larger role.
  15. please critique my story

    Please note this is the first part of a trilogy. the final part will explain why he has awakened too far in the future. I kinda picture Alucard as a gentleman from an old school timeline. Also Lycans are in the second part if I could put it here but I may have to start another thread about it. The two sisters have different persona, Valentine is the long haired girl that respects Alucard while she uses automatic weapons while Vayne uses hard hitting hand guns and more of a funny persona
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