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  1. Questions from a newbie

    [quote name='BagelHero' timestamp='1352639548' post='4999893'] Whoa, slow down buddy [url="http://www.sloperama.com/advice.html"]and take some time to read the FAQs[/url]! That aside; [b]Game Design is not an umbrella term for jobs in the game industry.[/b] There are different sorts of disciplines in the games industry. Art, Design, Music, Programming, Marketing, Production... I've no doubt there are more. [url="http://www.sloperama.com/advice/lesson7.htm"]Read more about what sort of jobs there are, and what is required in them at FAQ #7[/url]. So you don't want to learn [i]game design[/i], you want to learn [i]game art,[/i] specifically 3D (at least, from what I gathered). Knowing this may make it easier to search for information relative to the path you're focused on. [quote]1.Do I need good drawing skills ?[/quote] Well, that depends. They certainly never do any harm. Doesn't take [i]too[/i] long to build a solid foundation for you to work with, if you're willing. Do you want good drawing skills? And what are you looking to model? Environments, characters? Guns, armor or other gear? Crates? [quote]2.With what software should I start?[/quote] A [url="http://www.pixologic.com/sculptris/"]free sculpting program[/url] and a [url="http://www.blender.org/"]free modelling program[/url]. If you're a student, grab some of Autodesk's Student Version programs, 3Ds Max and Maya are both good choices. But again, it depends on what you want to model, how you want to go about it... Sort of need more information. [quote]3.Are there tutorials for that software?[/quote] There are good tutorials for pretty much every 3D software I can think of. If you're thinking 3D, remember that a lot of tutorials can be translated to whatever program you use, unless they use a specific feature you don't have. [quote]4.Are there videos to explain/help you about the business.[/quote] Yes, there... There are a lot. I cannot suggest any, though, as I mostly use reading material. Here are some links to places I go most frequently to find said reading material (aside from the oft linked Sloperama FAQs): [url="http://www.ineedtomakegames.com/"]http://www.ineedtomakegames.com/[/url] [url="http://www.gamasutra.com/"]http://www.gamasutra.com/[/url] It's midnight here, so I might have left out a thing or two, but hopefully there's something of worth in here somewhere. Good luck, mate. [/quote] Thank you for the answer . I will check out the FAQ you linked. So for now I want to focus more on objects such as weapons and gears and other kind of objects. I might go to drawing lessons to learn about the human anatomy etc....
  2. Questions from a newbie

    Hello my name is Nikolai , I am 15 years old and for a long time I have been thinking about starting to learn game desing , but up until now I had no time.So I have a few questions: 1.Do I need good drawing skills ? 2.With what software should I start? 3.Are there tutorials for that software? 4.Are there videos to explain/help you about the business.( example:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAgpsks29W4 but more detailed) And could add more information. By the way I am not asking about concept art , but about the modeling. Thanks in advance.