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  1. Hey everyone. I am thinking of making a game after I graduate Rasmussen College and FIEA called Paladin. This game is an action/adventure RPG similar to Fable and Dragonage (at least, same time era). For school I need to post my 3 game idea functions on a game development website and I need critiques so I can complete my assignment. If you guys can, could you critique my ideas? Thank You all for looking at this and thank you all for reviewing this. My 3 game functions: Left Analogue Stick (PS3 and Xbox360) = Movement (Walk, Jog, Sprint). When you gently move forward/backward/to the left/ to the right, your character will start to walk. When you push the analogue a little farther, your character will start to jog. When you push the analogue as far as it can go (without breaking it of course) your character will initiate the run sequence. As you are running and you have stamina (a yellow bar or white/gray bar will be placed under your health and skill bars), if you press the A button (X on PS3), your character will sprint and the screen will turn a little blurry (except for the direction that your character is headed towards). While sprinting, it will take 2 seconds for your character to get out of Sprint and go back to the run phase. While sprinting, you can also use the roll function mentioned beneath this. Left Bumper (Xbox360) (L1 for PS3) = Dodge/Roll. When your character is running (Left analogue stick is pushed as far as it can go), and you press this button, the character will do a roll in the direction that you are facing and then your character will go back into the running phase. If you push the movement analogue stick in another direction after you roll, the character will get up/recover from the roll and then change direction. If your character is not moving and a common enemy (non-boss) is attacking you, and you press the Left Bumper (L1 for PS3), your character will evade the attack (move left, lean left, lean right, move right, duck, jump over swinging blade, etc.). While running or sprinting, if you press the Left Bumper while something is in front of you (log, enemy on its knees (non-boss), rectangular box, small crate, etc.) your character will be able to either leap over the object or jump over the object as one or both of their hands is placed on the object. Press the BACK Button (SELECT for PS3) = opening up the map. This button opens the entire map of the world onto the screen. If your character is inside of a town and you press the BACK button, then the map will come onto the screen and the town's layout with icons labeling which house is what (i.e. inn, tavern, shop, etc.). From there, a cursor will appear. This will be the object you can move while the map is fully displayed on the screen. When moving this object (Left Analogue Stick), you can press A (X on PS3) for selecting a place you wish to go to. You can select anywhere on the map. You can select a road, grass location, tavern, house, or other town. After selecting the location you wish to travel with the A button (X for PS3), when you back out of the map (either pressing the BACK button or B button (Circle for PS3), a highlighted path/walk way will be displayed in front of your character. This shows the character the path he or she can travel to get to his/her next destination marker/ placed location.