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  1. [FREE] Dark Matter First Android Game

    Dark Matter Trailer
  2. Hello Everyone I just finished my first mobile game called Dark Matter. Dark Matter is a fast paced arcade style shooter. Your goal is to jump over the asteroids; they cannot be destroyed by your gun. You can either jump over or shoot the aliens; you will only score a single point when an alien is destroyed. No points are scored when you jump over an alien. your feedback is very much  appreciated.   Google Play:   [url=][/URL]   [url=][/URL]   [URL=][/URL]   [url=][/URL]     Thanks and Enjoy. 
  3. for loop that will repeat the number of times the user wants.

    sorry java thanks that helped figured it out 
  4. How do i write a for loop that will repeat the number of times the user wants it too when asked by the console? 
  5. From film to video games

    Hello everyone new to the game community i am currently Majoring in film and i also have a passion for video games. I was wondering if it would be possible to take my skills as a film student and apply them to the game development scene and get a job helping to create games. I know there must be some cinematography and film creations done during creating cut scene but what job roll would that be. I looked on gamasutra and could not find anything that i could do in gaming. Hopefully one of you guys know secretly i enjoy gaming more then film.