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  1. Dragon Tiger Gate: Opened License

    [quote name='Ashaman73' timestamp='1352708983' post='5000157'] [quote name='YanX' timestamp='1352705788' post='5000145'] My company is from Hong Kong and it has publicly opened its license for our comic properties. [/quote] Great news. What type fo license is it now, public domain ? Have you some link to an official press release concerning the license of the given IP ? [/quote] Hi Ashaman, Here is the link to an official press release but it's in Chinese http://www.culturecom.com.hk/images/newseng/2011-08-30%20Culturecom%20Holdings%20announces%20to%20develop%20the%20worlds%20first%20animation%20social%20network%20-%20Chinese%20Text%20Only.pdf The license is freed for the public to use, meaning we will not charge or ask for a minimum guarantee upon usage. It is not a public domain license as the Company is retaining the rights to owning these titles still. For example, if you made a Dragon Tiger Gate game the Company wouldn't ask for any payment using our IP's (unlike previously), but they would like to retain some rights of the game that was produced. If the game is going to be sold on the market then I believe the Company would be entitled to a small fraction of the cost as well. I hope that makes sense! Please feel free to ask more questions. Yan
  2. Hi Guys! My company is from Hong Kong and it has freed its license for our comic properties. Some of these titles are well-known such as Dragon Tiger Gate. It was made into a feature film in 2006 (Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cba1npyBEA0) Here's some background information to the title on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Tiger_Gate It's a martial-art based genre and very popular in the Chinese culture. Am I looking in the right place on this forum? Also would anyone be interested in using this title or our characters to develop a game? Please feel free to contact me on yanwong@culturecom.com.hk or leave a message here! Many thanks! Yan