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  1. Data Structures and Game Development

    From a game development stand point, is there a lot to be loss if the programmer uses minimal data structures implementations ? (Such as poor performance in game quality, slowing down the game in any way, etc )
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the forums and came here seeking advice about my education and game development. I would love to land a job at companies like blizzard, but I'm struggling in the current process. I recently transferred from a CC to a University of California institution, and I have been struggling ever since. My current data structures c++ class is destroying me, and I'm having a hard time grasping and incorporating the material into my code. I believe this is probably the most vital class for software development jobs since it teaches you the efficiently of writing a great program. So, I was wondering how important is the data structures concept and how can I go about it learning it a bit easier? Is it a large part of game development? I'm also not too strong with inheritance, so should I learn that before I dive into the data structures material? I'm rather new to the gaming scene and have tried to google these questions, but didn't quite yield the results I wanted. Thank you in advance for the answers.
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