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  1. minibutmany

    Are you getting the oculus rift?

    Google cardboard gives me a headache, so unfortunately the Oculus will probably do the same.
  2. minibutmany

    Moving Java app onto the Web

    You may be able to keep some/most of your original code if you use GWT.
  3. minibutmany

    Wyoming's Eyeball Smuggler

    This doesn't seem that strange to me. If I liked to eat eyeballs I would do the same thing.
  4. minibutmany

    Help for my farming game!

    No North American, South American, or Asian countries on the country list?
  5. minibutmany

    I am going to start making games

    I also started around the same age, I am now 17. Good luck, making games is a lot of fun and also very challenging. Once you get your chops up you should check out Ludum Dare. I never really built a complete game until I started doing the Ludum Dare compos, it helped me grow a lot as a programmer and game designer. It is not very competitive, it is just for fun, and people are always happy to give you constructive feed back on your game.    I'm excited to see what you will build!
  6. minibutmany

    What Do You Think Of Micro Apartments ?

    I need access to a  drum kit and a piano, so no for me, but I commend those that can live like this and are content doing so.   In such a tiny apartment, you are probably living really close to a lot of other people anyways, so it might be more comfortable to make one big group living space and kitchen, and then small bedrooms for each person.
  7. minibutmany

    "The Wild West" a Wild Arms inspired theme...

    The melody and harmony all make sense for a "wild west" theme, but the instrumentation does not. I would replace the flute voice with a harmonica perhaps, and have the guitar voice stand out more. Otherwise well done, the tune would fit well into any game of this genre.
  8. minibutmany

    "Retro Brawl" an 8-bit style chiptune by me.

      I agree, you may even want to put a low-pass filter on it to soften the tone a bit.
  9. minibutmany

    creating a "Worms" like world

      Many of these features are part of the Unity game engine. For scripts in Unity you can use c# which has similar syntax to Java. Read/watch some unity tutorials and start small before you start your "big project".
  10. minibutmany

    Do Recurring Dreams Have A Meaning ?

    Unrelated...the brave little toaster is my favorite movie....
  11. minibutmany

    Organimetal Graphics

    The blue light reflecting onto that asteroid looks pretty sharp. I would stick with that graphics style. 
  12. minibutmany

    Making a simple drawing game in browser?

    Most HTML features should be supported on mobile, but WebGL is not always supported. http://caniuse.com/#feat=webgl
  13. minibutmany

    Free Web Hosting Area

      I've also used openshift and I've been pleased with its flexibility.   Also for simple web pages Github pages is good and very easy to set up, but not as versatile.
  14. minibutmany

    Logo Feedback

    An anteater running at tremendous speed.
  15. minibutmany

    When to release?

    You have a good understanding of how your engine works, because you built it. But is it organized in a way where other people will be able to understand it?  You should have good documentation and a starter tutorial or two.
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