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  1. Check this out: http://www.scribd.com/doc/91894008/   It's a sample NDA from rocketlawyer, you can then customize the document and have your team members sign it digitally through their services.   However, keep in mind that the document doesn't really prevent people from stealing your ideas or artwork. It's more of a promise not to and if they break that promise, you personally will have to pursue damages in a court of law and use the NDA as part of your evidence I suppose.   I would recommend instead to find trustworthy people and lead them in such a way that does not give them any reason to consider robbing you blind.   Hope this helps
  2. Like frob said, advertising. However, also consider using something like TapJoy to generate installs and move your game up in the download charts which will then help you generate more organic installs. All of this requires money, though. For free, try submitting your game to bloggers or review sites in order for them to evaluate it and possibly post it on their sites.
  3. There's [url="http://www.giderosmobile.com/"]Gideros[/url] and [url="http://www.gameclosure.com/"]GameClosure[/url] too. Also consider [url="http://www.apportable.com/"]Apportable[/url] which will bring an iOS game to Android, not sure about the rates though. Good luck, MannyG!
  4. Second n3oplasm's advice on AndEngine, it is 2d only but very good. Alternatively, [url="http://www.cocos2d-x.org/"]Cocos[/url] is another good one which will port to iOS better.
  5. [quote name='Altourus' timestamp='1349367363' post='4986801'] How do I do Eclipse debugging on a service? With an Activity it would run the activity by default and let me use break points. When coding a service do I just need to first develop it using an Activity to allow debugging? [/quote] Yes, start the service with your debug activity and put break points in the service code. [quote name='Altourus' timestamp='1349367363' post='4986801'] What is the best way to advertise a free app? It appears that having a new app and being a new developer on the App store, there are no way for the user to discover my app short of them searching for it by name. [/quote] I think you should definitely reach out to the android blogs and try to get them to review your wallpaper. Also, you can buy mobile ad space from Google and people using other apps can see an ad for your wallpaper. [quote name='Altourus' timestamp='1349367363' post='4986801'] I noticed that having scope variables (variables defined inside function calls) was causing a lot of processing power to be used, I assume because of the gabage collection. Currently I've defined those scope variables outside the function as private members of the class, what are the best practices to improve this? [/quote] This is interesting, depends on how you're using them I would think but this really shouldn't be a concern. It's possible you're triggering the GC too frequently and my advice would be to avoid creating unnecessary object, i.e. calling new Blah() inside of a for loop if you can re-use one. Good luck!
  6. Hi guys, My co-founder and I just dove head first into our new venture and our goal is to help independent mobile developers compete with their more well-funded competitors. I'd like to know what kind of hurdles you have to overcome that you believe the bigger studios have already dealt with either because they have more cash or a larger workforce. Some are obvious like publicity, advertising, and user acquisition but we'd still like to hear your thoughts and more importantly, get to know you guys. P.S. if you're interested in our project, PM me and I will happily give you more details.