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  1. I posted this article in several forums, and this is the only one with a community that took to it with their own great ideas and opinions. Thanks for that! I would disagree with Wildfield in that taking mechanics from other games is NOT wrong. What's wrong is taking all of a game's individual mechanics and creating a clone with them. In the article I talked about how a great designers can identify one great mechanic in a game (like line-drawing), and then use it in a different system to create something new and fun. That's "creative stealing."
  2. Hi guys, I'm Ryan Rigney. I'm working on a game called FAST FAST LASER LASER, and I'm also a reporter for Wired. I wrote [url="http://utahraptorgames.com/2012/11/12/advice-for-game-designers-stupid-genres-creative-stealing/#more-443"]this blog post[/url] today about "creative stealing" with regards to game design that other people seem to really enjoy. It's been getting passed around Twitter a lot. Here's the link to that again: http://utahraptorgames.com/2012/11/12/advice-for-game-designers-stupid-genres-creative-stealing/#more-443 I'd love any comments!
  3. That's the second in a series of five blog posts I'm writing about the creation of FAST FAST LASER LASER. The first: http://t.co/9E0qAlqT