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  1. Draw text in VB.NET

    I'm trying to draw a string in Visual Studio 2010, with DirectX, but i searched everywhere and I can't find a code. Can anybody help me? Thank you.
  2. Problem drawing in directx

    Sorry, i magicaly fixed changing this: deviceParameters.BackBufferWidth = displaySettings.Width to this: deviceParameters.BackBufferWidth = 800
  3. Problem drawing in directx

    [quote name='Auskennfuchs' timestamp='1353004399' post='5001302'] Looks like your created orthogonal matrix doesn't match the size of your drawing area/rendertarget. Also your screenshot is only 795x614(with some advertisment at end)px. So your drawing area is less then 800x600, if the screenshot is not scaled. To solve it, resize the window so the clientarea matches 800x600 or use the current clientsize of the window and create rendertarget and projectionmatrix with these values. Last solution is more flexible also when you will resize your window or switch to fullscreen. [/quote] The size is set to 800x600 ([url=""][/url]) [quote name='SamiHuutoniemi' timestamp='1352991932' post='5001233'] What version of DirectX? Is it an ortographic projection? Some code? =) [/quote] I never defined a DirectX version :S
  4. Hello all! [img][/img] I have a problem drawing in DirectX. When i draw, the size is always smaller, i mean, the width is 800, but i draw 16 figures of 50 width (16 * 50 = 800) and it don't fits in my screen. Pic: [url=""][/url] Any idea? (Sorry my bad english, i'm Argentinean ) Trank you! [img][/img]