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  1. Dynamic Narrative in The Hit

    This looks promising, I like the story arcs stuff and how the Director can "force" some info/character on the player to start a story :). I'm glad to see it has been Greenlit, I'll have my eye on it. Wish you the best of luck :)
  2. 4-Layers, A Narrative Design Approach

  3. Better Programmer Art

  4. How NOT to Market Your Indie Game

    Thanks for the tips! Very funny and informative article.
  5. Grand Strategy: Space War - Video Log # 1!

    I was going to watch, or at least browse through the video but is says "This video is private" :|
  6. Kinda lost on where to start

    I say you should think about what you want to do. If you just want to make your RPG game you should use something like RPG Maker as Haps said or Unity3D. If you want to learn programming you should learn C++ :)
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