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  1. Hello there everyone. I have a few questions for you all, but first is first. I have many many ideas I've come up with over the years for various games, though mostly rpg's. I just recently started getting into learning code and so far I'm coming along pretty good. Although I have never and don't expect to be much of an artist. I seem to have more of a knack for visualizing and coming up with new ideas. From what I've learned from coding so far, it will take me many many years to be able to implement my ideas into an actual game myself. and I sure don't have the money to go about hiring a team of my own. I'm wondering what kind of path someone more on the design side of things could take to have their ideas heard by actual companies who make games? I'm not saying my ideas are any good, but say there's even a possibility they could be "game changers". How could I go about making this happen? Thank you for any feedback.
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