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  1. Best game engine?

    Use Unity 5.   It has all the tutorials, help, forums, examples, books, .... you need.   Even if a given tutorial isnt enough for you, there are more writings on the topic possible.   All the other "free" engines, no matter how good they are, lack documentation/examples.   Been there, did a circle, went back using Unity.
  2. What Immerses you into an FPS game?

    Sound weird, but the story.   A good story built around a solid FPS engine is great for me. Kind of lots of places to explore, traps, tricks, quests, and more. 
  3. Which engine to use ?

    Hello, I am looking for an engine that will enable to do the following: - basic games (like tic-tac-toe , chess, ... ) - either offline or online play - either single or multiplayer if online - 2d graphics (nothing 3d) thanks for your suggestions
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