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  1. Hello all, first post but have been a long time watcher. Thought I would start being more proactive in the gameDev world. I wanted start start off by saying I'm a college student getting a B.S. in Computer Science, haven't decided which route I'm going to take but either way wanted to give game development a try. So what I'm looking for is a sort of list that grows progressively harder for intro game developers as myself. I heard most people should start with console applications, sorta like how we learn in school, either way I want something I can upload to my website to share. I was planning on learning actionscript since I know c++ pretty well but people say it's mostly limited to 2d and Flash. Eventually I don't want to be limited to just that as I would like to venture into the 3d world. So if anyone has some ideas on a list that gets harder as I learn more I will take anything you got ;-) Thanks in advance