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  1. C++ panel rendering

    by default, whilst using SDL you've to create a window to use as the render target, but i know there's a chance to use an MFC dialog for that, but i don't know how...
  2. C++ panel rendering

    anybody?? :'(
  3. C++ panel rendering

    thank you all for your quick responses (: i used Allegro and SDL on older projects, so i know how to deal with 'em, but the problem is that i don't know how to set the form's client rectangle as the rendering target. how do i set the form's backbuffer as the rendering target for SDL or Allegro??? that's THE question for me :\
  4. hi everyone! i'm new at the forum so please forgive me if my question is missplaced. the problem is that i'm developing a windows based gameboy emulator in c++, and i need to put a panel (or somerthing like that) inside the main form to set it as the render target. this image may explain what i'm trying to say: [img][/img] the fact is that i don't know how to create the control and attach it to the main form. can anybody give a hand? every hint will be welcome! thanks in advance..