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  1. Just curious as to many game engines i've seen as to the upper limit in map sizes. Crytek, Unreal and others have an upper limit on how large a map can be. Some games utilising engines seem to get past this by either loading sections as the player progresses (i think this is a cell loading like approach? is this the correct term?). I've been googling a bit for the reasoning behind the limits but haven't found any discussions or explanations on why though i could be using the wrong search keywords. Anyone here able to explain why these limits exist? I've heard in some topics people discussing talking about at larger sizes accuracy of calculations is worse. Anyone able to explain this to me? I'm not too concerned with how technical it gets so go nuts i just want something to start researching from so if you have any topics discussing this theory or weblinks i'd be happy to view them from a learning perspective. I mean it seems that unless there was a good reason surely all these AAA title engines would have unlimited sized worlds and you wouldn't be constrained in your map editor to a certain land mass size. I'm just after why.