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  1. Hi there! I'm basically in the process of designing a concept for an RTS game with 10 distinct playable factions, set in a classic fantasy medieval world (you know, with elves and orcs and dragons and wizards and whatnot). And what I'm looking for is people genuinly interested in providing feedback, offering insight, and in general discussing this kind of stuff with me, as I find it greatly helps me in the process. Having exactly zero skill whatsoever in terms of writing, gamedesign, or even animation (aside doodling in paint and photoshop), I don't have much of an illusion it will ever be made into an actual game, but I none the less find myself enjoying thinking about such concepts as a hobby (somewhat excessively perhaps considering my units list currently counts well over 230 units), as well in terms of worldbuilding in general (regardless what type of story or game might take place in it). Still I find myself quite often getting stuck, unable to think of something better, or being unhappy with a certain situation. What I find really helps is having someone I can explain my current ideas and thought patterns to, and get some feedback and ideas on any situations, options, and concepts. Hence I am wondering if there might be people around here who might be interested in periodically hearing a hobbyist ramble about his ideas for such feedback. So: If you're a creative person, enjoy hearing another person's ideas, genuinly enjoy classic fantasy medieval worlds, RTS games, world histories, and worldbuilding, please consider sending me a PM to let me know! I'd probably prefer doing such things over a Messenger. Thanks for reading! (And forgive me if this is placed in the wrong section)