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  1. Just an update, we decided to pursue HTML5 technologies and make a application for HTML5. Considering experience in the industry is what we are after, we would love to break into HTML5 and gain some real experience working with it and with Javascript.
  2. We are meeting on Friday (another ambitious fellow joined our cause) and I will update this thread with the details. This may be a framework, libraries or a complete engine we will discuss it and I will post here afterwards. Hopefully this helps some others out there whilst helping myself
  3. [quote name='SimonForsman' timestamp='1354635090' post='5007101'] [quote name='MannyG' timestamp='1354631915' post='5007082'] Has anyone here ever built their own engine or worked on one? Perhaps even peeked behind the scenes of one and know what it is like bare-bones wise? [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.png[/img] [/quote] Yes i have, sort of.. allthough they were quite integrated with the target games (So it really depends on your definition of "engine"). It might be more accurate to say that i made heavily datadriven games rather than engines. The hardest part with making an engine is not really the low level details (That is reasonably easy and there are tons of information out there on how to implement <insert feature/function X here> in an efficient way), The hard part when you make engines (rather than games) is that engines has to be flexible and easy to use in order to have any real value. To make a game without using an engine you really only need to know how to write a game loop, check the time check for input, update the simulation and generate some output. (generating output and checking time and input is done differently on different platforms, the rest is essentially the same). [/quote] We would like our engine to be multi-platform, that is to say write once and deploy on multiple platforms (android, iphone, tablets for both respectively). How do you think this will fare when building an engine? Is it more along the lines of a library where you build the application in it's native environment but the engine we build is used for certain functions to save time/coding? Thank you for your reply, btw
  4. [quote name='kburkhart84' timestamp='1354244276' post='5005543'] [quote name='AdrianC' timestamp='1354203234' post='5005330'] All the Unity licenses are a one time payment. No yearly. [quote]Well I guess I should have mentioned we want to get into enterprise mobile development not game development.[/quote] You shouldn't really use any of these game engines for anything other then creating games. [/quote] [quote name='6677' timestamp='1354228319' post='5005479'] Frameworks suitable for the enterprise apps aren't really suitable for games and vice versa. You *can* do it, but really you want to use the right tools for the job. [/quote] Agreed...use the right tool for the job. Just like GameMaker is better for 2d games, and Unity3d is better for 3d games, neither of these is good for non-game apps. sure, GameMaker has a bit of 3d, and you can use Unity3d to make 2d games, both can make non-game apps, but really, it isn't worth the workarounds you need. [/quote] Just to add to this point, I do agree 100% that in order to do enterprise development gaming engines are not the right path, however my original post was regarding a 2D game we wanted to build and what cross platform engines to pursue with it. My mentioning of enterprise development for the mobile space was strictly for the future, I wanted to use this experience to catapult me there. As I posted above though, we are thinking of developing our own engine and could use some help figuring out what we may need to know, how we may get started or just have a blue print on what it is that is involved in that process. Has anyone here ever built their own engine or worked on one? Perhaps even peeked behind the scenes of one and know what it is like bare-bones wise?
  5. I was discussing this with my partner and we thought perhaps something that might cater more towards the 'learning' side would be to create our own engine. We would like to expand on HTML5 and javascript, anyone have any advice on how this might be done. In terms of what we need to know, what we need to use. I believe the engine we create must be able to use OpenGL for android and Box2D for the iphone. Essentially we want to make this cross platform. Building the engine (like Angry birds did) and then the game based on this will prove more fruitful for our learning process. I apologize again for my lack of understanding within this realm of the mobile space and I look forward to sharing my knowledge in the future as those of you have shared your's with me in this thread.
  6. [quote name='kburkhart84' timestamp='1354156028' post='5005174'] I'm surprised no one has mentioned Game Maker yet... It is actually pretty good, and can do much more than people would think. Since you are only looking at 2d, Game Maker Studio fits perfectly, and it has ports for HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows 8(Javascript), Mac, and Windows. There are lots of apps for Android and iOS already, and even a couple of games published on Steam. the prices are also much better than Unity, or pretty much anything else(except free stuff). There are free versions with limited features you can use, though I wouldn't want to use them for final versions. But they have enough features in order to let you get a good idea how it works. The master collection is $499, but it includes all current ports, and all upcoming ports, at least until the next version comes out, which will likely be more than a year from now. The Standard version is $49, and the professional version is $99. The best deal is the Master collection, but you can buy ports individually too, if you buy the professional version. The HTML5 port is $99, and the others(iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8) are $199. So The professional plus Android would be $298. You can see how it is much better to just buy the Master version. The interface is designed to make things easy. Resources are loaded beforehand similar to Unity3d. There is a drag&drop method to making game code, but it is somewhat limited. There is also a scripting language(gml) which is similar to a weird combination of C/C++, Delphi, and Javascript. But if you have worked in any C-style language gml will be simple to pick up. ................ As far as the Unity3d licensing, the fees are all one off payments, Unlike Corona and GameSalad which require you to pay yearly. [/quote] I will definitely take a look into this and update this thread accordingly Thank you for your response
  7. [quote name='North' timestamp='1354117910' post='5004986'] Assuming since you posted in the mobile development thread, you're interested in cross platform mobile development. I can recommend using Cocos2d-x (http://www.cocos2d-x.org/). Majority of development can be completed in C++, and there are a lot of tutorials online to help you get started. [/quote] One thing here that concerns me is that C++ is not a commonly used mobile/web dev language right? Well I guess I should have mentioned we want to get into enterprise mobile development not game development. We want to make a game simply because we believe we have a decent idea, it would look good on a resume showing we understand how the market's work and how the SDLC comes to play as we will be doing all the work. We would really like to learn HTML5 but yeah, beggars can't be choosers right? My partner is leaning towards the Corona Engine, I am not so sure the specifications of what our app and test apps need to do can be handled by Corona though. Sorry for the minor rant [quote name='AdrianC' timestamp='1354119950' post='5004992'] Marmelade is pretty popular: [url="http://www.madewithmarmalade.com/"]http://www.madewithmarmalade.com/[/url] As for Unity, you can use Unity Free + Android Basic + iOS basic for a cost of $800. You dont need to buy Unity pro (unless you require those features, of course). [/quote] Is it $800 a year, or a one time purchase so I can put the apps on the android/iphone markets respectively without having to worry about paying to keep them up there for fear unity will file some crazy complaint to tear them down? No question is a stupid question...right? guys?....guys...
  8. [quote name='stan.idesis' timestamp='1354042751' post='5004614'] There's [url="http://www.giderosmobile.com/"]Gideros[/url] and [url="http://www.gameclosure.com/"]GameClosure[/url] too. Also consider [url="http://www.apportable.com/"]Apportable[/url] which will bring an iOS game to Android, not sure about the rates though. Good luck, MannyG! [/quote] Thanks, I really want to stay away from Objective-C haha, my partner and I are trying to streamline our careers into mobile/web dev in the shortest time, we don't want to develop only in Objective-C for this reason and just port over. This could take longer then I thought just choosing which engine to use. I appreciate the recommendation
  9. Unity would be my top option with all the research I have done before posting this however the price point is pretty offsetting. I mean it's about 1500 for the pro version + 400 for the iphone and android platforms respectively. That's a little steep for us, I don't even imagine we would have an ROI until about 6 months after release. Has anyone here ever used Corona? I know Lua is quite popular, angrybirds was developed with Lua too. Sigh, the decisions seem to be endless but my main de-motivation for Unity just seems to be price. Does anyone know if Angrybirds used a cross-platform engine or was it native? Also I recall reading in numerous threads using OpenGL/OpenAS (?) which are compatible for both the ios and android. Can someone shed some light if this is a viable option? And if so how would that work...as far as I know OpenGL (and Box2D for ios) are simply frameworks for graphics. P.S Thank you all for replying and helping me figure this ordeal out [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]
  10. Hello, I am an intermediate developer with minor experience on enterprise mobile applications for iphone, android and blackberry looking to build my first ever mobile game. I did a google search for some game dev forums and this popped up so I thought I would try posting here as I lack luck elsewhere. If you have ever heard of the game for the iphone and android platform entitled [i]avatar fight[/i] then you will have an idea of the graphic capabilities I require. Basically the battles which are automated one sprite attacking another doing cool animations but all in 2d. My buddy and I have two motivations, one is to jump into mobile Dev as my experience is limited as is his so we would like some trending knowledge (html5 would be nice to learn) . The other is to make some money on the side, don't expect much but polishing the game and putting our all will hopefully reward us a bit. We have looked into corona engine, however a lot of people are saying it is limited in the graphics department, we are open to learning new languages like lua, c++, python etc. Others we have looked at include phonegap, rhomobile, unity, and the list goes on. I really have no idea what the pros and cons of these are but for a basic battle sequence and some mini games we want to chose the right one. Some more things that we will be doing include things like card games, side scrolling flying object based games, maybe fishing stuff. We want to start small with these minigames and work our way up to the idea we would like to implement in the future. We only want to work in 2D. So with these requirements please help me chose a platform to work on (cross platform is what we are ideally leaning towards). Please feel free to throw in some pieces of advice you may have for newbie game developers like myself too. Thank you for reading, Manny Edit: I just wanted to say a great big thank you to everyone who is responding to this thread, I posted this question all over other forums and never received as much acceptance and interest then on this forum and I really do appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all! Also the search is still going so feel free to chime in ;)
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