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  1. Write a story for this game concept

    It began as a sketchy newspaper ad. Then it turned into the most horrifying experience of my life. The ad read "10,00 dollars for anyone who stays overnight on Whitefield Island" I tried to contact the person, but it took me to a pre-automated meassage "Meet me at the north coast of the island." I found this slightly creepy, as if the person had known what I was doing, but 10 thousand dollars is 10 thousand dollars.I got some supplies and I borrowed a motorboat from my friend and drove the motorboat the the north side of the island. Once there I saw a strange man wearing quite a heavy coat. Assuming he was the creator of the ad, I walked over to see him. Upon getting closer, I noticed that He was wearing a hat that hid his face long with the coat. Once I was was with him, I asked him why he was hiding his face. "Don't worry about that. All you need to do is stay here overnight, then come right back here." the man replied. Remembering my boy scout skills, I went into the woods, trying to find a place to build shelter. As I got deeper into the woods, I noticed a small house not too fdar from me. Funny. I thought this place was uninhabited. However, I just approched the house I saw that nobody was in it. So, I opened the door, went in and found a bed. I settled down in the bed, thinking about the day. Eventually I went to sleep. As I was sleeping, I had a dream of a great big tower, but when I walked towords it nothing was there. Then I started falling into blackness as a hand pulled me down into it. Then I heard a scream and woke up. As I looked around the house,I saw a blood sploth on the bed and on the floor that I hadn't notced before. As I got out of bed I had a sharp pain in my side. I looked at it and saw a wound, it it looked man-made. This started to freak me out. Now I just wanted to get off the island. Not caring about the wound in my side, I ran out the door and to where I came from. I ran and ran and ran until I got to the north coast and saw the man in the coat. I walked up to him and he said " Oh. So you made it." I couldn't help but notice a tone of dissapointment in his voice. Then he saw the look on my face and said " You know, maybe you should just.. SMILE!" he pulled of his hat and coat which revealed a horrible, mutilated face. It took me by extreme shock and I fainted. When I woke up I found myself In the middle of the island, not knowing where on the island Iwas. All that filled my thoughts was the face. It was HORRIBLE! I couldn't think at all where I was. Then I remembered. I was on whitefield island. I needed to get off. [center]But how?[/center]
  2. What do you think of this?

    [quote name='dtg108' timestamp='1352680499' post='5000055'] Believe it or not, there have been stories of the Slender back in those times, tales of a tall man with long arms that stalked people. [/quote] Are you talking about Der GroBmann?