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  1. What Next?

    jbadams, are there any engines you can recommend in particular? There are a ton out there with many different features and many different prices. Is there a free one you can point me toward, with enough features to make a basic game? I'm not looking for anything crazy, yet at the same time I'm not really looking toward making anything at the bare minimum.
  2. What Next?

    So, I've always wanted to make computer games. Not just simple games, either, but the kind that people might actually end up playing (which I am yet to accomplish). I've started off with small projects, and I've made two games with XNA in C# (a checkers clone with added missile functionality, both singleplayer and multiplayer, and a 2d side scroller with some basic projectiles and enemies and levels), and I know a good amount of C++. I've looked into engines, and whether it is best to make my own or use someone else's. I'm not necessarily looking to jump straight into the world of professional 3D game development, but rather a stepping stone that can further what I am doing toward the goal I have. Where do I go next?