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  1. k i just got started up with computer graphics (allegro 5) and i must say i'm on fire! thanks all!
  2. HELLO EVERYBODY. I'm sirsuripu, a new guy here on the forums. I'm a freshman in college with a strong background in mathematics (it is my major after all) and a strong love for games, and it has always been a dream of mine to put both of these passions to work in developing my own games, as a hobby or perhaps as something even more. That being said it is strange (and unfortunate in retrospect) that I was not introduced to the wonderful world of computer programming until just recently; indeed, no one in my family has ever programmed a line, and my high school's curricula did not offer any more than a class in Visual Basic! Nonetheless for the past year I have been rigorously exploring my first language, C++, with the aid of a book concentrated on its applications to game programming, but I don't think I am doing nearly as much as I should to learn about programming, the apical discipline of all mathematics and logic. So on that note, I need some help. Upon reading some of what the forums have to offer, I have come to an understanding that programming is not a mere past-time, but a demanding discipline, deserving of more than my current investments of concentration. So, I'm afraid that if I want to take this shit seriously, and apply my mathematical talents finally to something worthwhile, it's about time I picked up the pace! My request for anyone kind enough to read this ridiculously superfluous prologue: I need some resources. I need blogs, web articles, tutorials, book/magazine suggestions, and anything else you think would help a beginner broaden his horizons in an appropriate way. Any advice on how to proceed from my current, fundamental knowledge of C++ to a stage at which I could develop something like Pong or Tetris would be a great contribution too! It doesn't even have to be game or C++ - oriented. I just want to have as much at my disposal as I can to immerse myself in the subject as much as possible on a daily basis. Any links or advice would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance! See y'all on the forums! : { )
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