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  1. Informative article. Very easy-to-digest article that really puts the ECS into good use. Thanks for sharing this! A note: I know you provided the source code, but it would be nice if you could put up a small example of methods and logic of a system as well. Just briefly, as you have with components above.
  2. PwFClockWise

    Fun with Modern C++ and Smart Pointers

    Thanks for the write up on pointers. I haven't used smart pointers before and have never had the motivation to read up on them. This was perfect for a crash course on the subject, thanks!
  3. PwFClockWise

    Notes on GameDev: Blaine Christine

  4. PwFClockWise

    Design Patterns: Singleton Basics

  5. PwFClockWise

    Making it in Indie Games: Starter Guide

    Well written and incredibly informative. I enjoyed every sentence of this article and I thank you for writing it. You had some really motivational points and I will keep them in the back of my head when I develop new games, thanks! 
  6. PwFClockWise

    Indie tutorial: Organizing your work as a team

    Informative article, I enjoyed it! The team I'm currently in uses pretty much everything you mention except Trello - which looks interesting.
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