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  1. Hello GameDev! I'm posting to direct your attention to our (OmniHanded Interactive) 'in-development' puzzle game: STAX. We've got a functional (but feature-bare as of now) demo on our website. Warning, the instructions for play aren't (yet) listed there so I've posted them below. Likewise, we've described the more profound applications of our game on the STAX kickstarter project page. What I'd really like is for the GameDev community to visit that page and let me know what you think. The caveat to "...let me know what you think." is that I already know my head is oversized and my face screams 'punch me repeatedly', so consider those two thoughts "Received & Noted." I'm talking about how you enjoyed (or didn't) playing the game and did we do an adequate job of describing the project? STAX Instructions: Pieces move to capture other pieces that are EITHER the [u]same shape[/u] OR the [u]same color[/u] Capturing (moving) pieces may capture other pieces located any distance away in the [u]same row[/u] OR [u]same column[/u] A successful 'capture' leaves the capturing (moving) piece on top of the captured (stationary) piece Players continue moving pieces until only one final piece remains [b]Why is it called STAX?[/b] Because it was first conceived as a card game, and every capture resulted in one card being stacked on another (and subsequent moves requiring the entire resulting stack to be in motion). Our Website: [url="http://www.OmniHanded.com"]www.OmniHanded.com[/url] (if you're in a strict office setting, I'd suggest turning off your speakers before opening the page) Direct to Kickstarter: [url="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ohi/stax-the-game"]www.kickstarter.com/projects/ohi/stax-the-game[/url] Thanks very much for your feedback - and feel free to invite anyone you know to try the demo and...ahem...support the project!
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