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  1. IndieGoGo is a go!

    Hi, we are Project Domini, a small group of students trying to make a strategy game with story. Please check our our IndieGoGo page! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-domini/x/3134891?c=home
  2. Hello world!   We are Project Domini, a group of students working on and Indie game (one of them being jwoff25) and we have just started an IndieGoGo Project!  Our game is going to be a strategy game with a deep story, where each city you conquer will have its own secrets.  Forge your own story based on how you play and engage in fast-paced combat.  If any of this catches your attention, please check out the link below and donate/spread the word!     Here is our IndieGoGo page : http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-domini/x/3134891   If I am not meant to post this in the 'Announcement' section, I'm extremely sorry and I will remove this right away.  
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