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    Writing about common game design themes

    Second article in a series on World Building.    Part 2: Materials and Resources, The Spice Must Flow! "The city of Old Valyria in George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones world, rose to power because the ruling Targaryens had access to dragons for use in warfare. The dragon eggs  they needed for this were located inside fourteen volcanoes around the local region, which required slaves to venture in and mine for them (I don't think you could pay someone to go into a volcano). The enormous number of slaves required for this enterprise resulted in almost the entire continent being converted into a slave economy, including other local cities such as Volantis, Meereen and Astapor. This slave based economy lasted thousands of years, even after Old Valyria, the volcanoes and dragons were gone."
  2. Got_Rhythm

    Writing about common game design themes

    My first attempt at recording voice over with no cost. A little tale for anyone looking to feel empowered or for some cool free software. "I wrote a short story over a year ago loosely based on a dream I had, which was told entirely from the perspective of one of the characters. When writing, a very important editing technique I use is to read what I have written aloud, to get a sense of the pacing, voice and mood of what I am writing. This helps it stay consistent, settle on a good amount of detail, and allows me to get a little outside of my own head."
  3. Got_Rhythm

    Writing about common game design themes

    First article in a series on World Building.    Part 1: You Have To Know The Rules Before You Can Break Them "Once I have established for myself the rules and what is possible, it makes the next writing tasks much simpler for me. If I want to write a story about a character who has special powers, knowing what world they exist in helps define exactly what is special. The same is also true if I want to write a story about a character who has no special powers (for example Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit)."
  4. Got_Rhythm

    Writing about common game design themes

    New article with my perspective on having one central purpose to your project.    6. Having One Purpose "I do not mean to say that you cannot have a lot on your plate, by all means diversify your efforts. You might have to raise a little money to keep a passion project going, or learn a new skill to complete a long complicated project. My point is to keep in the front of your mind the fundamental reason why you are making your project. Because in my experience, when you begin to spread too thin the why, things get messy."
  5. Got_Rhythm

    Writing about common game design themes

    New article, some personal advice and tips for maintaining Motivation, Energy and Focus.    5. Motivation, Energy and Focus: "I make a conscious effort to separate creative work and logical work. Usually during the day I will come up with ideas, plans, writing and other creative work, and in the evening I will dedicate my brain to implementing and carrying out those ideas in a practical and more logical way. I am much less productive if I try to be creative and logical at the same time. One personal note that may not apply to everyone, is that I consider problem-solving to be a creative task, not a logical one, and so I fit that in with my creative time."
  6. Got_Rhythm

    Writing about common game design themes

    Latest update, I have written this piece about sharing work and how to do it with confidence and more effectiveness. Enjoy!   4. How and When to Share: "The internet can also be a cruel and mean place, and so by clearly stating that you intention is, for example, to start a conversation and not for critical feedback, it takes a little power away from the trolls."
  7. Got_Rhythm

    Writing about common game design themes

    Well that is one way to guarantee a reply, thanks Tom!   Here is a new entry regarding creativity and originality-     3. Originality and Inspiration: "you do not have to create something out of nothing to make an enjoyable experience."
  8. Good morning,    I am writing a blog about common game design themes I notice on game dev forums and groups. I really want this to have some value to people, so if you have time please let me know if they are any good, interesting, or have the potential to become articles. Or what you would change about them.    First post is about having a Vision for your project. Video games in particular are notoriously long projects and it can be difficult to know when to deviate from your path or stick to it. Many developers consider the essence or vision of their project to be: what experience do I want the player to have?   Second post is about game design flow.  Mechanics > Theme > Setting > Story     Thank you for your time!
  9. Got_Rhythm

    Necromancer, The Fight For Life

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