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  1. Learning c++ by yourself.

    [quote name='Codarki' timestamp='1354742213' post='5007525'] Win32 API is not good c++. All sample code usually omit most of the error checking to keep it short. Samples are almost never good enough to be used as is. (If function returns an error code, then it should be checked, etc.) For c++ network programming, maybe try setting up and playing with boost::asio [url=""][/url] For general advanced c++ programming: [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] (mostly about advanced c++11 stuff and future of c++) [url=""]http://www.parashift...m/c++-faq-lite/[/url] [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] And everything the authors of those blogs have written in past 10 years. Microsoft seems to finally try invest in some decent c++ code: Welcome Back to C++ (Modern C++) [url=""]http://msdn.microsof...y/hh279654.aspx[/url] Rather old, but still better than most guidelines. Really paved the modern c++ in for me 10 years ago. (important stuff starts from section 5 onwards, but there are some outdated advices. Also harder to google, year after year) [url=""][/url] [/quote] Thank you for these! ill look into them all.
  2. Learning c++ by yourself.

    [quote name='KingofNoobs' timestamp='1354568453' post='5006776'] Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs (3rd Edition) by Scott Meyers is a good intermediate text. You can get it for Kindle. [url=""][/url] I'd have to say that the quality of discourse in published books is of a much higher caliber than that to be found in online tutorials. You can really bootstrap yourself into some good knowledge if you just take a few months to just read. In fact, that is what I am doing now. In just a few months I have gone from total noob at C++ to kinda knowing my way around, and starting to write some original programs, basic game demos, user interface code, etc. The key is to just stick with it because you will probably want to quit, at least once weekly. Try to force yourself to program for some hours per day, also, and do all the exercises given in the book, but do them with zeal, adding features. Best of luck. [/quote] I will look for a pdf file of some intermediate books if i cant find one for the one you suggested, thanks!
  3. Learning c++ by yourself.

    [quote name='ApochPiQ' timestamp='1354559585' post='5006711'] Reading is good, but doing is better. If you feel like you've absorbed enough to write a program - even a very, very trivial program - [i]go write programs[/i]. Pick something that seems within your reach and do it. Then pick something else that's slightly beyond your reach and do that. Rinse, repeat. [/quote] Where could i get ideas on projects to complete in order to accomplish this? im not very good at thinking up things.
  4. Learning c++ by yourself.

    [quote name='kunos' timestamp='1354517007' post='5006514'] [quote name='thornx1' timestamp='1354515514' post='5006508'] Now, books put me to sleep for some reason, i can read 12 hours strait on the computer but not in a book so please don't give me books to get it would take me weeks to read even a few hundred pages. [/quote] pro tip... buy books in PDF format and read them on your PC? Get Stroustrup's book on C++, it's a very good book to read after you've covered your basics. Also get a book on game programming in C++. Tutorials are ok, but they are very specific to a task.. and once you lift off from basic "guess the number" stuff you'll need space, professionalism and dedication.. thus, you need a good book. [/quote] I believe the few beginners tutorials i have read have brought me through everything in the book and i have enough experience in the basics of it all.
  5. SO first i read and did examples on I made sure to understand all concepts. Next i went through every chapter on Now i am on in the more advanced tutorials and went through but most of it wasnt anything new. My next step is to complete reading Once i finish the advanced tutorials on But from there i have no idea where to find more in depth tutorials on different subjects, all i can find are similar tutorials and nothing that goes into anything more, i want to go into network programming and video game programming and similar areas, can someone direct me to where to look next? even what to search would help. Now, books put me to sleep for some reason, i can read 12 hours strait on the computer but not in a book so please don't give me books to get it would take me weeks to read even a few hundred pages. I tried searching for "advanced c++ tutorials" but most forums brought me to and most websites besides that had no information. Lastly is there a .rar download of a visual studios file using windows forms application with windows.h applications or just some really long program i could look at? doesn't matter what it does, i would just like to take it apart and learn how it works better with forms applications. I can find some source code but i would like the actual program files so i can see how it looks and play with it.
  6. [quote name='Khatharr' timestamp='1354257604' post='5005599'] I'm thinking this is not gonna happen. [/quote] Why not?
  7. I am having troubles in finding tutorials on how to program using sockets and networking, although i have some information on networking it is mostly small tidbits of information, what i am looking for is large tutorials so i can learn everything on the subject instead of getting lost without some pieces i cant find. could someone please help me find some tutorials on each subject? I have no clue where to search i tried basic google searches like "sockets in c++" or "networking tutorial c++" and variations of them.
  8. I am making a server for a mmorpg somewhat soon, and i want to release a bot to go with it, since i dont want people having the ability to level to the maximum within a week or less but i don't want them to be discouraged from the amount of farming exp and items, so i want to make a bot that handles -8 accounts. im somewhat good with c++, do not tell me "use autoit" i am trying to make it look somewhat professional and actually work with the settings on their computer, I am good with the functions for windows.h but i cant figure out how to make the bot read or write to memory nor can i figure out how to use softice(not sure if i even have the correct one.) Now, the game is simple and i would have only 2 spells per account being used (long or short ranged) and monster icons and hp are always in the same x,y pos so the AI is very basic having all the accounts do the exact same things, but i cant figure out how to look at let alone edit the packets to allow my bot to work without having each account become the focus window at every step of the fight. the reason for 1-8 accounts is that most people on the normal server have anywhere from 1-8 usually 4-8 once they reach higher levels to allow for them to be able to do things without searching for a group since most dungeons take up to 5 hours at higher levels and it would be easier to have all you need instead of being stuck half way through once someone decides that they have to get off or you need to leave.. you know how it can be. anyway, it is strictly for my server, but its not up yet so i cant learn with it, and im not the host i am paying my friend to set it up but he has no idea how to make a bot so im looking for some help. I would like help with -some tutorials on or around the subject. or -someone to help me through it(i don't need much help, an hour or two would probably be enough for me to get in the right direction) or -the source code to someones bot(i could probably look through it to find what i need.) or -where to go to find someone to teach me (cheap)