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  1. Quote:Original post by Toolmaker To view a specific photo, I want to retrieve the photo details, and the name of the user who posted it. So, I coughed up this: SELECT P.[PhotoID], P.[Description], P.[PostedOn], U.[UserName], U.[UserID] FROM Photos AS p, aspnet_Users as U INNER JOIN Photos ON P.[UserID] = U.[UserID] WHERE P.[PhotoID] = 10; Your syntax is a bit off - you don't comma separate the tables from which you want to join before the join itself: SELECT P.[PhotoID], P.[Description], P.[PostedOn], U.[UserName], U.[UserID] FROM Photos AS p INNER JOIN aspnet_Users as U ON P.[UserID] = U.[UserID] WHERE P.[PhotoID] = 10;
  2. Does the .Play version work if you throw in a Thread.Sleep(10000) before writing "Done"?
  3. Arild Fines

    Saddam to be executed tonight

    Quote:Original post by trzy Quote: Quote: Countries with laws against Holocaust denial include Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and Switzerland Source? Wikipedia and Google. Europe's favorite non-EU nation, Israel, also has similar laws. Unless you're being sarcastic: Israel is powers of magnitude more popular in the US than it is in Europe.
  4. Arild Fines

    Saddam to be executed tonight

    Quote:Original post by Smeagol Iraqi law. Military intelligence.
  5. Arild Fines

    Sci-fi Games - What are the good ones?

    Quote:Original post by Silvo Quote:You're hiring Babylon 5? To do what? To watch, of cause! In some languages, the words for "to hire" and "to rent" are the same.
  6. Arild Fines

    [.net] [C#] Passing Parameters

    Nothing is passed by reference unless the words "ref" or "out" are present. It doesn't matter whether the parameter is a reference type or a value type. In the case of a value type, the value is passed by value. In the case of a reference type, the reference (the pointer) is also passed by value. See this for a more extensive explanation.
  7. Arild Fines

    What CVS systems do you guys use?

    Subversion vs Visual SourceSafe
  8. Arild Fines

    THE Ashes

    Finally I understand what Douglas Adams was making fun of.
  9. Arild Fines

    [.net] Effective GUI methodology

    Martin Fowler has a large article (which links to other large articles) on GUI architectures: Quote: It also has a class that could be tied to UI controls to allow update of the GUI in response to an edit. Uh, databinding? DataObject dao = new DataObject(); nameTextBox.DataBindings.Add("Text", dao, "Name");
  10. Quote:Original post by Rebooted Apache does use .so files on Windows, but I've never been sure if they were renamed .dll files or something else. They are. LordSkeletor: try opening the .so files in something like Dependency Walker ( If they are proper DLLs, DW will be able to open them.
  11. Arild Fines

    Help getting started with SWIG

    Here's a bat file I used to do some SWIG builds with Visual C++: set PYLIB=E:\Python23\libs set PYINCLUDE=E:\Python23\Include swig -python TrapezCpp.i cl /LD /I %PYINCLUDE% TrapezCpp.c TrapezCpp_wrap.c /Fe_TrapezC.dll /link /LIBPATH:%PYLIB% I'll include some of the other files for good measure. TrapezCpp.i: /* Arild Fines */ /* $Id$ */ %module TrapezC %{ #include "TrapezC.h" %} %include "TrapezC.h" %constant FUNC F1 = f_1; %constant FUNC F2 = f_2; TrapezC.h: #if !defined(TRAPEZC_H) #define TRAPEZC_H typedef double(*FUNC)(double); double Trapez( double a, double b, FUNC func, int n ); double f_1( double ); double f_2( double ); #endif
  12. If you don't want to attach the database, change the connection in your app to connect to SQL Server directly, instead of doing the "attach file" thing.
  13. Do you have more than one instance of SQL Server running? If so, deattach it from both, and try to rerun the code. Actually, try that anyway. You can detach a database using SQL Server Management Studio.
  14. Arild Fines

    [.net] Updateable Application

    I suggest you read about using Microsoft's "Updater Application Block":
  15. Arild Fines

    World's Largest Superconducting Magnet Switches On

    It's not the size of the magnet, it's how you use it...
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