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  1. Problems with 3D Game Engine Programming book

    I am assuming you use the Express version of Visual Studio to compile your project. The problem is that the Express version doesn't include MFC, which is needed to compile these resources. So besides the fact that there might be bugs in the code it's actually the compiler that can't work with this include file. One thing that might work is to replace the occurences of afxres.h with windows.h, but it probably wouldn't make a difference. Or you could try to clean the project before building it (right click on the project and then clean). If that doesn't work there might be someone else here capable of telling you what to do to make this work. Else a quick google could probably give you a solution.
  2. Are you sure it throws a null pointer exception on that part of the code? It looks okay and it actually works as well after trying to compile it. I think we indeed need a stack trace to track the problem.
  3. Hey guys Help Needed

    Hey. First of all, can you tell us what you are using besides Java? Did you use a framework or a special game engine? What kind of working system do you have now? If we had a little more information we might be able to help you a little better. But besides that: In general you could make a class CollectibleItem (with several subclasses if needed) and make those objects in the world. Then you can program ways to interact with those items.
  4. Which programming language should I teach myself?

    The best thing you can learn is concepts, techniques and ideas. A programming language is merely a tool to construct the combination of these ideas and techniques with. So it shouldn't really matter which language you start with. It is recommended to start with a language that has enough resources backing it up, so either C++, C# or any other popular programming language could be fine to start with. If you know the concepts on the other hand you could implement ideas in whatever language you like (you do have to learn a little syntax though, of course). Don't focus too much on a certain programming language, pick whichever you want based on your goals and the resources available for the language. But there are certain more important concepts that apply to all programming languages: Learn game maths, learn about creating algorithms for problems (there is a wide array of books available on this), etc. And meanwhile you can just enjoy learning the syntax of whatever programming language you like. Of course this is just my 2 cents, but imho the concepts are more important than learning a specific syntax. But if you do want a specific language recommendation I'd say either C++ or C# based on the resources both on the net and in the book store.
  5. Starting Game Programming

    Exactly. There is no "right way" to start out with things like this. If you want to be a mobile game developer, start making games for the mobile OS of your choice. Follow your heart and do what you like. Having fun with what you do is the most important thing, since that keeps you motivated towards the goal of becoming a mobile game programmer.
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