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  1. hi. i wrote that question a few days ago. thanks for all the person answers my question, however, there is no way to regulate 'buzzing frames' without 'delta time'? because, i want that if the framerate is low, game processing (ex. bullet moving) is have to slowed. in my game, when Start Game Screen Surface with SDL_FULLSCREEN | SDL_SWSURFACE, 'sprite buzzing' occured. however, SDL_FULLSCREEN | SDL_HWSURFACE, | SDL_DOUBLEBUF 'sprite buzzing' problems are solved. but, there are two problems about SDL_FULLSCREEN | SDL_HWSURFACE, | SDL_DOUBLEBUF. first. SDL_HWSURFACE | SDL_DOUBLEBUF mode are not applied when Window mode. second, Alpha Blending is very slow when SDL_FULLSCREEN | SDL_HWSURFACE, | SDL_DOUBLEBUF. so, my question is.. 1. is there no way to regulate 'buzzing frames' without 'delta time'? 2. how to enable 'SDL_HWSURFACE | SDL_DOUBLEBUF' in window mode? 3. why the alpha blendings are slowed when 'SDL_HWSURFACE | SDL_DOUBLEBUF' are enabled?? how to solve this?? my development environment is ms windows 7, ms visual studio 2010, sdl 1.2 and 'sdl_putenv(sdl_videodriver=directx)'
  2. i am making shoot them up game. however, bullets are buzzing. bullet moving is not smooth. My Develop Environment is MS Visual Studio 2010, Windows 7 and SDL 1.2 below is pseudo-code of my bullet moving logic. process the code every frame. double x; double y; double Speed; //speed(angle) addition per frame. (addition may be 0.0 if unneccerary) double speed_acc; double angle_acc; double Radian = abs(Angle - 360.0) * (PI / 180.0); x = x + (Speed * Cos (Radian)); y = y + (Speed * Sin(Radian)); Speed = Speed + speed_acc; Angle = Angle + angle_acc; please help me.. and thank you for reading my question!