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    Hey guys Help Needed

    hey thanks for advice my game is visual based game right not to much programming or hard so i was able to do it i looked at what u said to look at i think it will help alot and make my project better since ill be able to program further thnx i dint mean it in copying guys work but teaching me how to further program mine and learn .
  2. turkeyremis

    Hey guys Help Needed

    im kinda going for a system that keeps track ass well as u need to get it to go to the next area like in my game it will be laptops and when u pick up collectable i want you go to a gui page and read a passage kinda a way to tell a story you know what i mean and what would you recommend for me to start programming this cause i am a programming noob
  3. turkeyremis

    Hey guys Help Needed

    i use unity as my game engine
  4. turkeyremis

    Hey guys Help Needed

    Hey guys im trying to build on my game by adding a collectible system like where you go around and collect items in a area now i am a noob at dev terms but i ma try to explain my set up i have 4 classes one for all props and models one for character one for lighting and one for particle effects. i use java right now for scripting . know im way over my head im at a point in developing a game that i havent crossed before cause i always enjoy designing so programming is not my strong thing i have very simple understanding of it so help would be much thanked and if you know of any asset packs or deals that offer this i would love if you would forward to me thnx plz help.
  5. turkeyremis

    how to a add collectables ti my game

    okay a noob question wat is classes layout mean
  6. Hi there ppl of game dev im here with a question and it is how do I put a collectable system in my game like example there are laptops u have to find and when u find it and pick it up it show a paragraph like apiece of storry like intel in most games plz help
  7. turkeyremis

    How To Save game

    Hi everyone at gamedev im one man band working on a unity title i excell at designing and art but drop at programming im at the point in my game where im making menus but how do i make my game save please help help i have no idea where to start. The game is a 3d scifi survival game. oh ya i use java
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