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  1. mixed feelings at Uni

    Hey man, I was in a similar position over the summer. I m studying computer science in one of the top uni's in the uk of its field (glasgow) and i enjoyed the 1st year course but then in the second year things went crappy , i wont blame the entire course for my failure as i played some part in that as well but long story short over my 6 courses i had passed 5/6 of them but the one i failed required a mandatory min. grade of D which i failed to get so i was forced into not only resitting that course but also 3 other courses which i had previously passed because the comp science department decided to raise the requirements (which should have taken place in the next scholar year instead of the summer resit) for passing into 3rd year. I managed to pass yet again all three of my other subjects but failed to pass that one same subject (i had intense migraines on the day of my most important resit and even with a doctor's notice i was showed very little compassion by my department). This was the first time i had failed in anything i have ever done in my life so far so it took great thought on whether or not i should have gone back to uni this year and try to redo a whole year of uni spent abroad( cause im not originally from glasgow...im from cyprus which is a good shit load of miles away) for one 10 credit course ( a year here consists of 120 credits, and i even took 130 the year i failed).In the end i had to swallow my pride and come back here and attempt to pass that course again, at this stage i started hating programming and anything that had to do with computing science. But with time and patience i came back (the course i need to pass isnt till the 2nd semester) and i also got accepted into a MA program for Digital Media studies which is going really well so far (fingers crossed) and i was also selected by a company to take their Gamer's Developer Course thanks to an ad i saw during one of my Digital Media lab sessions. So far things are going really well after such a crappy summer and i came to the conclusion if i want to make it out there im gonna have to at least get formal university degree(whether that will be an MA in Digital Media or a BA in Comp Science,only the future knows) and i am not regretting the decision of coming back because it has and will change my life. University is a treasure of opportunities that you will never get if you just sit around at home, you need to take a chance in it and try to do your best cause so far for me even though things sucked majorly for a while , i m finally and hopefully back on track and im even a step closer to where i wanna go thanks to this twist of faith (i.e. taking another course which in the end introduced me to an official accredited gaming course). Hopefully i ve helped you out a little with my story, and who knows what the future holds,never close a door full of opportunities if you can still have access to it man (oh and btw i only just turned 20 so hopefully i dont seem like an old and wise geezer who's just spewing out advice...im still in the learning process of life just like you are
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