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  1. Poigahn

    Would like to create a game, but...

    The Mental Block is being able to foresee the game play even when testing since you maybe preset to make the best game choices when you play. Dead in their tracks, is when a player encounters an obstacle they can not overcome. Or when they missed an object earlier in the game they need to proceed, and can not go back to get it
  2. Poigahn

    Would like to create a game, but...

    Your game's story is not like writing a book, where the reader is hanging on every word. More like a movie, but not like "You are writing the outcome." You will be Creating "Threads" or a trail of bread crumbs. The player is "writing the Play" by following your trail of "Bread Crumbs". You should be setting the "Stage". Creating a bunch of Virtual If then .. else options for the player to choose from. Make many trails in your ideas for the player to follow. All leading to 2 possible outcomes, Success or Failure. 2 games come to mind to illustrate my thoughts. ( Look them up on Wikipidia ) 1-Tomb Raider. was a linear storyline where the Player only had 1 path to follow in order to reach the end. You did what the writers wanted done or you failed. 2- SSI's Dungeon & Dragon's Game series. Here the player had multiple -player options during game play. Each option presented the player with a different path to take, leading to additional options and more game paths. Ultimately, the player was lead to the same ending, But each time they played, they could play it in a different sequence, giving the Character different Advantages or Dis-Advantages. Here is the mental road block, as the designer you already know where each option is going to lead. Just make sure that each option does not stop the player dead in their tracks. The results should always have the chance for success or Failure.
  3. Poigahn

    Would like to create a game, but...

    I think everyone has possibly passed through that problem of a blank story line. I started out by reproducing a single, direct story line game I played in my youth in order to gain the skills needed. A 3D space quest game with 2 ship designs, The player's and the computer's Ship. With a single mission. Explore 1 planet, uncover clues to enemy's base. Find base and destroy it. While I was writing the code, I would test each new section. Eventually, by the end, I developed several spacecraft models to upgrade to, Different weapons and eventually the mission expanded to multiple planets and so did the storyboard. I guess what I am saying is, do not waste time by trying to come up with a complete storyline on your first project. Start your project and let your own gaming desires as you progress, drive your storyline. After all it is where you want to go, that others my follow!
  4. Poigahn

    Bone and Face Rig? Can someone help?

    I do not know if this would work in your software, but in the software I use This is what I do.. After rigging the skeleton, I deselect all of the skeleton nodes so that the next Node I add is not Tied to them. I then add an individual node, name it, and attach it to the desired location to the mesh where I want to create movement. Then by animating that node, it pulls the mesh in the desired direction I want to create movement. For me it is generally to create dents in robots or vehicles, But this should also work for flesh characters EXAMPLE: Attach a single node to the corner of the lip mesh and draw the node and back to create a sneer. You may have to try altering your mesh by not "Welding" the lips to the Face. < Not certain about this. Of course Experimentation is going to be required.
  5. Poigahn

    Garage Games Torque2D Torque3d

    Thank you for the response. I was able to download Torque3D Okay. What I downloaded for 2D does not start due to it looking for DirectX9
  6. I want to download both Torque 2D and 3D development software. What version download format is better and where would I obtain information on how to program in it and how to utilize the support software?
  7. Poigahn

    Looking for someone to collaborate with

    I am also not a professional, nor do I want to be. However, as a hobbyist, I would like to increase my skills in the game programming world. What I have done in the past, was to create simple word Puzzle type Games. For me, the next step would be to create a turn-based Military Strategy Game or a Role-Playing Fantasy game. Maybe a simple sports game. My programming reference resources are Limited and would need Help in bouncing ideas back and forth. I am willing to do this and would like to see something through to the end. Financial gain is always a nice reward, but it is not my driving force. A sense of accomplishment is what I am after. Best way to begin contact is here. I sign in 2-3 times a week. Next step would be personal e-mail. No time or interest in Skype or anything else. I have programmed in Visual Basic using DirectX and C++ using Allegro and DirectX. Any other Graphics Such as Unity, I would have to learn the command lines.
  8. Working on a VB2010 Project requiring use of a ListView Control. I can fill a multi Column Grid with the correct Information. Show and Hide The List. I Can Transfer Selected Items from the List to complete the other TextBox Controls. Now what I can not do, or find how to do is this: I have a Textbox That when Typed in Opens the ListView Control displaying all current Items. What I want to do is, As typing in the textBox I want to Highlight matching items in the First Column. Example : TextBox = Ca, I want to find and highlight the First Ca in the Listview Control. I have Searched online forums and can Only find the basics. Intellisence is a good sample of what I am Wanting to do. Can anyone provide me with a sample code or Tell me where to look ? I realize this is not a gaming question ! But I believe this is where I may get the appropriate Response.
  9. Poigahn

    Windows constant updates have me lost!

    I just removed the old files, downloaded fresh ones.  Dev-CPP compiling OKay,  Installed the latest Dev-Pak for allegro.  Installation went good, However, Dev-CPP list it as an option for Multimedia, when compiling the sample the allegro.h file is not found.  How do I compile these source codes all at once to obtain the header files.  At this moment the Allegro folder only has the source code for these files.
  10. Before I get a bunch of thumbs down, Dev-CPP and Allegro 2D game with book I purchased!! Now on to the problem.  When initially installed, everything worked fine.  After a couple of Windows 10 Updates, nothing works. When I start DEV-CPP I get the following statement,  > Validation of compiler set "64-bit Release: No binary directories have been specified. < along with the option to allow DEV-CPP to apply default directories.  I click yes and nothing is corrected.  When I try to compile I get the same Statement.   Also, when I have the #include "allegro.h" I get a file not found when I use the debug syntax option.   I am just a game hobbiest.  Can someone help me Correct this or steer me in the direction of a different platform where I could get the resources to learn quickly.  I was at the next level of my game coding completion when this happened and really do not want to experience another learning curve.   I have CodeBlocks but need Allegro for that platform, hoping that a conversion would be easier.
  11. I have worked on some small business accounting software.  Data bases for inventory, sales, vendor and customer record keeping.  I have seen allot of off the shelf, boxed software designed with Visual C++ and Visual Basic.  With the Target market for the small, single store or home based business market.
  12. Poigahn

    RPG Style Game. Every Position Needed!

    I too am an average guy.  More so a hobbiest.  I am interested in doing a RPG game.  Often I get so far and get stuck on ideas.  Maybe together we could fill in the blanks for each other and progress on.  I am still trying to connect the dots in C++.  I can do some coding, get a little stuck on interacting with graphics drivers.  Also interested in VB, Blitz3D.   Sincerely interested.  Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.  If it does not work out, Oh Well!!
  13.    I am trying to learn 3D modeling beyond the Basic Shapes and Articulations.  Specifically I would like to learn more about Item Mounting Nodes.    Example: I just modeled a spaceship fighter, I also modeled some weapons to attach at run time to the model.  Now I need to create the mounting node locations.  The book on 3D game program walks you through how to create all of these items.  But stops the explanation on how to select and attach the weapons to the spaceship.  After creating the items, the author provides the reader(me) with the code snippet to test fly your spaceship.  Leaving out the weapons loading.   Can anyone help me at this point.  The spaceship nodes are named "LW_Mount", "RW_Mount", "Nose_Mount".  The Weapon nodes are just named "Mount", since there is only 1 node per weapon.
  14.    I believe you are only considering a single layer with a single texture on all 6 sides on a cube ( 4 sides on a triangle ) ?    If you are using a layered texture, 1 - for graphic or color, But then you want to add wording or pictures, such as Cave Man Drawings, A different one on each side of your cube, Then you need the "R" value included to place those textures on the correct location.    I hope I explained that correctly!
  15.   Just a real long standing curiosity,  but I have seen both used in  numerous books and examples and never really understood the difference if any.  Please give me some clarification on their meaning and why they are used, when they are used.   #include <header_file.h>  vs  #include "header_file.h"   or   class  item {  fill in your variables }   vs.  struct item { fill in your variables }   Thanks 
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