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  1. It is not so much the disagreement. It is the cowardness in which they do it. Down vote me fine. But state as to why. That is a discussion. In fact, mt opinion is that this site to force a reply reason for a down vote on any topic in order to understand as to why!
  2. I recently entered a, what I thought might be a sensible discussion, about President Trump. Sorry to say, it turned out to be an extremely liberal, stead fast, hard headed anti - civil forum against the man. I am in support of the man, and when I expressed support I received a bunch of down marks without any reasonable reference as to why. The left, liberal always say the want a discussion about things. Unless you agree with them, there can be no exchange of thoughts. Part of Hillary Clinton's slogans was " LOVE TRUMPS HATE"! I have seen nothing but hate. I bunch of cry babies because they did not get their way. I am in the middle, and lean towards fairness. It is with much regret, That I request to be removed from this site. I just can not stand the bias of opinions. I can understand marking down someone for giving bad advice, but when stating an opposing opinion? Where is the open mindedness?
  3. Poigahn

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    It is an Issue for me! Personally, on any law, if it prohibits the freedom of choice, then that goes against our constitution. So I think abortion should remain legal, but Federal Funding should Stop. Student college loans should stop. Corporate Grants Should Stop. Foreign Aide Should Stop. Actually, I know more about "This Country" than you pretend to do.
  4. Poigahn

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    Europe as a whole, has been the biggest dependent of the United States since WWII. What Trump is doing is finally telling they need to start supporting themselves. Thu U.S. Hands out more of our wealth to those and other Nations. Maybe he is finally "Spanking" the ungrateful relatives whom are constantly on our doorstep with their hands held out. So you hate America, But want to use "OUR" rights, to Bash us! Women's reproductive rights should not require the people as a whole to pay for their abortion rights. Majority of the people really don not care if women want to kill unborn babies, we just do not want to pay for it. Unless you live here, you have no perspective of our view. Personally, I really do not care what you do there, or your country. Just do not stand outside throwing stones at my house, when as an "AMERICAN" I would not do that to yours. I respect your feelings, your rights ( Whatever they may be ) to have the country you want. I will not interfere. Please respect mine. My house is Blue. What color is yours?
  5. Poigahn

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    In the History of the world, (U.S. is only 232 years in existence) Tell me where this has not Happened!! Look around, it is happening right now in several areas. Because of it's founding, the U.S. was the first in history to correct the historical wrongs. If you are not an American, then Do not become one
  6. Poigahn

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    If you are not an American, Living in America, SORRY! President Lincoln Stated a Government Of The People, For The People, By The People. Unlike most of the U.S. Politicians, whom are trying to be like the rest of the Countries, Trying to be like their Politicians, Trump is THE PEOPLE!!! That is how he got elected! When 2 people have a conversation, they usually will say what is on their mind. That is Trump. He does not try to tell you what you want to hear, He tells you how he sees it. Where has it gotten the World, by perpetuating Enemies ? If my neighbor and I had a long running disagreement because of unclear perceptions, someone has to extend the hand of friendship so that there can be peace. That is what True Americans Want. Not a power Struggle like the 2 party system here. As an American, from the same section as President Trump, I understand what he is saying when he speaks. Keep in mind, if you are from another country, You may not understand. Here is something you can relate to, You can either work on your first or next game alone, or join forces to succeed together! If you have someone in your group is constantly disrupting things, and you are not making progress, you would probably kick them out. Open your Eyes, Open you Mind. Or just stay in your own part of the planet!!
  7. I just entered the realm of 3D modeling and would like the opportunity to create some static models, weapons and Charactors.
  8. Poigahn

    3D Modeling

    OKay. I have actually done both ( or the one as it seams that it essentially means the same ) Atlas = Atlas + Bake! I am starting to figure This out and the mind's wheels are turning fast, spinning in mud and I seem like I am Not Getting anywhere! LOL. Visual Aide is a wonderful thing. I greatly appreciate the help, to everyone whom has responded. This has given me a great push and is moving the mind forward in that virtual Mudhole. I will be having more 3D questions as I Progress. The Game goal for now, is a single player , Space Planet Exploration Mystery Puzzle with some space combat. I have done this in 2D, bitmapping , quickly realizing that essentially the code has to be re-written for 3D. For now I am working on the visual assets. Any recommendations on 3D Engines and books on how to use those engines beyond that of the beginner media ?
  9. Poigahn

    3D Modeling

    I am still learning about 3D modeling - So the Terms "Bake" and "Atlas" I do not understand. I will do other research, If you could elaborate on the terminology That would Help! Once I figure out how my models would be used, I would like to give the glass or "Chromed" areas a reflective quality. Are you saying that these areas need to be kept separated from the rest of the model ?
  10. Poigahn

    3D 3D Modeling

    I am in the process of learning 3D Modeling of Vehicles. I have already done simple, non-complex items such as Boxes, Billboards and other objects like Barrels. Now I am working on intermediate Items like small Aircraft and Autos that I am comprising of several components. For example : Wings , fuselage, engine(s) and Tires/Wheels. My question is this, Should I Texture/Skin each Item Separately or Join all Items together to form the Final Model, then UV Unwrap The complete model and Create the Texture / Skin. Any and all advice would be appreciated. Any other words of wisdom would also be appreciated. I would be willing to accept any private tutoring and share any of my models with those that help.
  11. Poigahn

    Emoji Creations

    I have an iPhone and I want to create a new Emoji. How and What do I need to do that? Also would like info on how to create a new Icon (.ico)?
  12. Poigahn

    Would like to create a game, but...

    The Mental Block is being able to foresee the game play even when testing since you maybe preset to make the best game choices when you play. Dead in their tracks, is when a player encounters an obstacle they can not overcome. Or when they missed an object earlier in the game they need to proceed, and can not go back to get it
  13. Poigahn

    Would like to create a game, but...

    Your game's story is not like writing a book, where the reader is hanging on every word. More like a movie, but not like "You are writing the outcome." You will be Creating "Threads" or a trail of bread crumbs. The player is "writing the Play" by following your trail of "Bread Crumbs". You should be setting the "Stage". Creating a bunch of Virtual If then .. else options for the player to choose from. Make many trails in your ideas for the player to follow. All leading to 2 possible outcomes, Success or Failure. 2 games come to mind to illustrate my thoughts. ( Look them up on Wikipidia ) 1-Tomb Raider. was a linear storyline where the Player only had 1 path to follow in order to reach the end. You did what the writers wanted done or you failed. 2- SSI's Dungeon & Dragon's Game series. Here the player had multiple -player options during game play. Each option presented the player with a different path to take, leading to additional options and more game paths. Ultimately, the player was lead to the same ending, But each time they played, they could play it in a different sequence, giving the Character different Advantages or Dis-Advantages. Here is the mental road block, as the designer you already know where each option is going to lead. Just make sure that each option does not stop the player dead in their tracks. The results should always have the chance for success or Failure.
  14. Poigahn

    Would like to create a game, but...

    I think everyone has possibly passed through that problem of a blank story line. I started out by reproducing a single, direct story line game I played in my youth in order to gain the skills needed. A 3D space quest game with 2 ship designs, The player's and the computer's Ship. With a single mission. Explore 1 planet, uncover clues to enemy's base. Find base and destroy it. While I was writing the code, I would test each new section. Eventually, by the end, I developed several spacecraft models to upgrade to, Different weapons and eventually the mission expanded to multiple planets and so did the storyboard. I guess what I am saying is, do not waste time by trying to come up with a complete storyline on your first project. Start your project and let your own gaming desires as you progress, drive your storyline. After all it is where you want to go, that others my follow!
  15. Poigahn

    Bone and Face Rig? Can someone help?

    I do not know if this would work in your software, but in the software I use This is what I do.. After rigging the skeleton, I deselect all of the skeleton nodes so that the next Node I add is not Tied to them. I then add an individual node, name it, and attach it to the desired location to the mesh where I want to create movement. Then by animating that node, it pulls the mesh in the desired direction I want to create movement. For me it is generally to create dents in robots or vehicles, But this should also work for flesh characters EXAMPLE: Attach a single node to the corner of the lip mesh and draw the node and back to create a sneer. You may have to try altering your mesh by not "Welding" the lips to the Face. < Not certain about this. Of course Experimentation is going to be required.
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