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  2. Hey Guys. I already have a basic idea for a game and I already did some code on it, basically phyisics and rendering. I will explain to you what my game is about and please you to tell me if you have a good idea of a feature i could add in the game. You all know the Pinball game of Windows right? My game is similar but it isn't just a clone it is far more. The game field is a table just like Pinball but you are playing against other humans on multiplayer with balls which inflict a magnetic force on other balls and certain obstacles. Your objective is to control the balls on the table by enabling the magnetic force of some obstacles and make them hit the opposed base. Of course you have to protect your own base in the meanwhile. Winnes is who manages to destroy the hostile base before the friendly one is destroyed. The problem i'm facing from the game design point of view (of course i'm fighting with many technical problems too, but no unsolvable ones) is, that if I add friction to the balls' movement it would easily be possible to spam balls and jam a passage of the table. This would freeze the gameflow. I worry that my game would be 'playable'. Tank you for all suggestions! mfG Machtl