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  1. Create a 2.5D dungeon

    I did some research and here are some of the few 3d Engines that I consider downloading. SIO2, Unity3d, ShiVa 3d. Can anyone advise me which of these 3 are beginner friendly? I tried Unity 3d and went through their beginner tutorials and videos, and I felt that maybe there are other engines that are easier to pick-up. My plan of using this 3d engine is to create an app that can create dungeon based on the user's input. eg: if I want a 10 tile dungeon, the app will create a 10 tile dungeon.
  2. Create a 2.5D dungeon

    Thanks Jo. So it boils down to me deciding whether I should create it on 3D or 2D. I have some programming background (C++ and java) still consider myself beginner in programming. And I downloaded iOS Xcode to start development. I am wondering what tools should I look into to create a dungeon map. Where to download these programs, etc.
  3. Hi, I would like to know what is needed to create a 2.5D dungeon. example: [url=""][/url] What is needed to get this effect? Artwork, Animation, and some Programming, or a game engine? Would really appreciate some details.