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  1. Yeah, pretty much impossible to read.  Scaling with the draw call doesn't work well enough?
  2. jms bc

    PID Control of Physics Bodies

    "We can estimate the derivative over the short term by summing the value "   do you mean integral here?   interesting
  3. jms bc

    Need help with a project (AC motors and programming)

    The video doesn't work for me -- says it is private.   Servo implies that there is an encoder on the shaft. Motor can be any kind.   Steppers have distinct coils, so with appropriate driving signal there are discrete stable points along a single rotation - steps. Not the smoothest motion but cheap, easy and can bear a load -- with these you move things into position, then let everything settle down before doing something. And you don't need an encoder because you can keep count of the steps, assuming the mechanism is well made.   If you want to do something while in motion then you probably want a dc motor. Smooth motion but more work and expense typically. Harder to hold still under load. Needs an encoder on it if you want to know position.    I've remembered since my first post that once programmed a multiaxis controller made by a company called Newport that would coordinate along a defined path. It would interpolate as needed, you just defined points and time. You don't need any custom software or hardware -- I bet you could do it yourself if you had the manual.   The harder part might be the mechanics of the device you have in mind.
  4. jms bc

    Need help with a project (AC motors and programming)

    Reads like a typical industrial motion control application. When I was doing similar things with optical equipment (lasers, crystals, mirrors, gratings, diodes), I used dc or stepper motors w/ gear box. The controllers were usually commercial products (Newport,Compumotor,Galil...) though sometimes I used boards built in house. Don't know why you think you would need to modify the boards.       I don't know what that means. I think you refer to some kind of position or velocity feedback.   Might be helpful for you to look at commercial products to get a feel for what you can get off the shelf. Most of those controllers have a way to compose complex motion with multiple axes. Also, look at sites for homebrew robotics, lots of info there.
  5.   yeah, I should have said "new to me"...just didn't really pay much attention before C11 and have been confused by the literature...lazy maybe...backing out...
  6. So this thread went from "How is my RAII" to "What the hell is RAII". Interesting comments.     Barney says:   "The name of the game here is to get allocation out of the way so you don't see it"   "the main tool for resource management is constructors and destructors"   A standard container that, say, resizes itself during its lifetime (allocating/deallocating memory outside of constructor/destructor) would therefore not be RAII, right? Or is that being too literal?    To me, if what Bregma says isn't true, then RAII doesn't mean anything new, it is just a reminder to program properly. Sussing out ownership is just sane programming.    A practical application could do wonders for this debate. I approach from the perspective of someone with a resource intensive program -- once I've instantiated the RAII-abiding objects I need without issue, I can count on having the resources ready, ie, the program won't fail on a resource allocation after that point. Could be memory, a serial port, an electron gun, drone...they are all ready to go. My initial interpretation of RAII was along these lines.
  7. assuming visual studio, open the project property pages. linker-->system-->subsystem. Choose console and add a main() entry point for the program.   int main( void ){ //good enough }   how did you create the empty project though? Looks like you have to pick windows,console, dll, or static lib when you create a new project.
  8. jms bc

    A whole decade, and the software is still sub-par.

    I can get depressed thinking of the time put into working around ram and cpu limitations only 6-7 years ago. Imagine how the old punch card guys must feel.
  9. I recently debugged really old PRNG code that assumed 'int' was 16 bits. Problem was only in the seeding, but that code had been used for years...   I use the _t types now, but I still have a lot of bit twiddling that will fail if a type declared 'int' isn't 32 bits. Definitely an improvement to have these fixed size types.
  10. <uncalled for general negativity about the industry removed>
  11. Very interesting and tempting -- will consider this for awhile, with peaking interest after reading comments, almost buying for several months even as interest wanes in the absence of necessity, before forgetting about it. Just got comfortable with Unity...
  12. jms bc

    Requesting Constructive Criticism

    Sounds good to me, I like your approach -- simple composition, steady beats... 
  13. jms bc

    The Universe - I don't get it

    'To me is seems as if another assumption or fact is needed to come to that conclusion'   you need to know the wavelength of the light in the reference frame of the source. We think we have this color spectrum data based on our studies of (relatively) nearby stars.   'I think they say "how fast it is moving away from you" is the same as "how much distance the light had to travel"!?'   Information about relative velocity comes from the shift in wavelength. How far away the objects are is calculated with triangulation and brightness (with brightness, like wavelength at source mentioned above, coming from studies of thousands of nearby stars). Knowing the distance the light traveled, one can say when the light was emitted.   You should read about dark energy. There is much related to space that scientists don't know.   Strange that selective quote button is not presented on some of these comments?
  14. jms bc

    Co-Op has started to vanish

    Do players that like story-driven co-op also like the co-op experiences possible in Minecraft or Halo3:Forge?
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