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    PID Control of Physics Bodies

    "We can estimate the derivative over the short term by summing the value "   do you mean integral here?   interesting
  2.   CUDA provides event classes that can be used to record starting and completion times -- in the docs, look for functions that start with cudaEvent... 
  3. Useful information, thanks! I will have this article on my hard drive for the rest of my days. I researched isometric projections a few years ago and I couldn't find much that was digestible.
  4. jms bc

    How to Think to Design Infinite Games

    "deep prejudices and single-minded views...disgustingly immoral and is outright destructive to humans and the society. It degrades the mind"   Strong words for little games. That second quote sounds exactly like my parents 20 yrs ago, criticizing all video games.
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