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  1. Want to become a beta tester for an upcoming Real Life simulation MMORPG? You can fly ships like the enterprise or star destroyer with multiple users running the ship. You can work a job for 15 minutes to 2 hours and change game money to real money. THE BEST GAME EVER CREATED!!!! CREATE YOUR OWN GAME INTO THE GAME!!!!! THE MOST IN DEPTH GAME EVER CREATED!!!! LIFE ONLINE INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION MMORPG!!!!! YOU CAN DO LITERALLY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!!!!! YOU CAN CHANGE GAME MONEY TO REAL MONEY!!!!!! YOU CAN WORK A 15 MINUTE TO 2-5 HOUR JOB DOING ANYTHING IN THE GAME!!!!! WORK AT A STORE AS A CASHIER!!!!! START YOUR OWN CUSTOM BUSINESS FRANCHISE!!!!!! FLY SHIPS LIKE STAR TREK ENTERPRISE OR STAR WARS STAR DESTROYER WITH MULTIPLE USERS RUNNING THE SHIP!!!!! BECOME A CELEBRITY!!!! BECOME A SPORTS ATHLETE!!!!! GO TO A THEME PARK WITH ROLLER COASTER OR FRANCHISE THEME PARKS AS WELL!!!!! FIGHT ANYWHERE IN GAME IN GROUPS UP TO 100 OR MORE FIGHTERS!!!! WHATEVER YOUR COMPUTER CAN HANDLE!!!! YOU CAN FIGHT GROUPS OF FIGHTERS BY YOURSELF!!!! DONT GET JUMPED!!!!! You can attack and block 6 areas of your body. Left part of your face. Right part of your face. Left part of your chest. right part of your chest. Left part of your legs. Right part of your legs. If you were using a gamepad, I will describe the fighting like a playstation 2 controller. You block with Square- Left Face Block, Triangle- Right Face block, X- Left Chest Block, Circle- Right Chest Block, Down-X- Left Leg Block and Down-circle- Right Leg Block. You attack by holding L1 and your created commands to punch. Hold R1 and your created commands to kick. Hold L1+R1 then push your created commands to do special more powerful attacks. Hold all the top buttons then input commands to do your learned or created magic. Dodge attacks, Parry attacks, Change fighting styles, Create any move you want with the in game animator, Use weapons and you swing them with the analog 360 degrees. You can only block a swing if you push the analog in the right direction. Create your own fighting systems, Create your own fighting styles, Add mp3s to the game, create and rule your own world in outer space, Create the menu's users use, Add your own created mp3's to the game, Make a dojo and teach your fighting style, make your world different from everyone else's, You can literally do anything and everything!!!! PRE-ORDER NOW!!!!! You can pre-order to join the beta or you can donate money to help with development. The more money we get the faster the game will be done.