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  1. Kind of sad that the AMD R9 280X doesn't support AMD TrueAudio and probably is just a rebranded 7970. #gpu14
  2. RT @AMDRadeon: Mantle enables 9x more draw calls per second than any other APIs by reducing CPU overhead - works with all GCN GPUs! #GPU14
  3. RT @emilyfrapp: Every person is creative. It's more than painting and drawing. And our culture needs to value it. Wise words from @chasejar
  4. Just prepared my #surface Pro for the UPS man. Hope I'll get the exchange #surface soon. Until then, I'll miss it. :<
  5. I like IE10/11's font rendering. Is there any way to make the fonts look better in Chrome @ Windows? #Chrome #IE #browser
  6. And now off to work. :)
  7. Want to host your NodeJS app on Heroku (for free)? Here's what you should know: http://t.co/iqVDyeT2KK
  8. Would ne nice to sync my Trello board with the Windows Outlook Tasks. Probably have to write something myself.
  9. If you want exactly the same as XNA, you should go with MonoGame. You can use your existing code (if you already started learning it) and it even works on different platforms. They're actively working on it and also adding more features.   If you want to have more features and "convenience stuff", you could go with Unity, like runonthespot mentioned. However, I'd suggest waiting until the native 2D tools are released, because working with Unity 2D Frameworks isn't that much fun, although I've only used "Orthello 2D". I heard 2D Toolkit is good, but also costs $60 or something like that.   Other than that, I don't really know of any more good C# libraries/frameworks that are kinda like XNA.
  10. A bit overwhelmed by all the information overflow, don't know where to start. D=
  11. RT @PunchbagEnt: #satisfying I love deleting code as I optimise and refine a game's process. #GameDev
  12. Yay, gonna try out Unity 4.2 this evening. :D
  13. Going to study for my last exam on wednesday - yaay!
  14. Probably got an idea for #1GAM8. Still thinking about what tools to use, though. MonoGame/Unity? It's 2D and I don't own NGUI or 2DTK. D=
  15. RT @nettuts: Been meaning to learn EmberJS? We'll teach you for free. http://t.co/SeRjCK9oT0 #bookmarkMe