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  1. OpenGL Wavefront OBJ loader c++

    Sorry, I worded that poorly. I believe I have copied everything exactly from that file. I do think it accounts for the off by one in Model_OBJ::Load. In the middle of the method there is: vertexNumber[0] -= 1; // OBJ file starts counting from 1 vertexNumber[1] -= 1; // OBJ file starts counting from 1 vertexNumber[2] -= 1; // OBJ file starts counting from 1 Still stumped
  2. Hey guys, I've been working all day to try and get an object loader working. I've been using this file as a reference. http://openglsamples.sourceforge.net/files/glut_obj.cpp Can anyone see whats wrong with this? I am just getting a blank screen. Thanks
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