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  1. Which is more?   Is that number of vertices always triples the number of triangles? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a float array with random numbers, what is the best method to find positions of elements that have the same value (the difference is within an epsilon) Regards
  3. Hi everyone, I am learning ray tracing and there is a very good tutorial here: http://www.codermind.com/articles/Raytracer-in-C++-Introduction-What-is-ray-tracing.html But the problem is that it doesn't display image to the screen, instead it creates a texture image which can not be viewed. I need a way to display to the screen in real time, I don't know about image format, so I want to ask what is the simplest way to display 2D array of pixels to screen? I want to use 2D array because I want to edit each pixel Regards
  4. Thank you all, I will try. Well, and I don't mind complicated thing if it is fast. And so, I would want to ask, normally what solution you guys or commercial ray tracing software use to display image? I know that ray tracing is slow but a fast display method is always preferred Regards
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