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  1. hi friends Is there any way to save images as PSD (photoshop) format in C#.NET? thanks in advance
  2. hi friends I've made a program using VS 2008 (C#) and sql server 2005, I use MDF file as my database, currently it is located on hard drive, how can I load my MDF file from a web site, I have SQLExpress installed on system but I want to load database from an IP address (i.e. www.mysite.com/myfile.MDF), is it possible at all? any sample? how should I change my connection string, database needs to be updated during program execution thanks
  3. hi friends Recently I've been working with VS 2008 (C#) to write interface programs for some Data Loggers, these Data Loggers (that are essentially micro processors programed using CodeVision AVR and Assembly) present pressure and flow data. I've heard about .net micro framework which can replace C/Assembly coding for chips, where can I find some sample codes? have you ever tested it? is it reliable? I don't know much about electronic (of course I'm studying some basic courses about electronics and Assembly), how can I confirm that a special device is supported by .net micro framework thanks in advance
  4. hello friends I've made an MDF file (SQL Express 2055, VS 2008) which contains several tables, how can I insert a password for my database, so that others cannot access my database directly it is my connection string: (should I insert anything else?) new_connection_string = @"Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=" + Properties.Settings.Default.mdf_file_location + @"\"+SQL_file_name+@";Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True"; where should I make password? how can I apply it on my database? any sample? thanks in advance
  5. I've started making an SMS gateway using C# and SQL Express, now I'm going to create a setup file for my project (which uses .NET 3.5), what are my options? I've heard that VS 2008 can make setup, is there any sample? how can I include SQL express in my setup app? also I've downloaded Install Shield 2010 which has a built-in support for VS 2008, I want to make my setup in a way that it detects SQL on target system and if it finds SQL already installed, doesn't try to install it again (the same rule can be applied for .NET), what are my options? how can I make such a setup file? is there any sample?
  6. hi everybody I'm coding in VS 2008 (C#), I use SQLexpress and I think my project uses .NET 3.5 (I've started my project with default VS 2008/C# settings so it should be 3.5, right?) Now I'm going to distribute my app (which is an SMS gateway), I've tested the app on some machines HAVING VS 2008 and SQL already installed, so I had no problem in running, but recently I had another test system which wasn't used to be a coding system so when installing the app (initially I made an install package using a little app called Smart Install Maker) there was a need for .NET framework 3.5, I had a small app around 2MB called .NET 3.5 which I had included in the setup program, but it asked me to download something from web (around 60MB), I have several questions, please help me: how can I find .NET version on a system? is there a FULL PACKAGE for end-users? something that I can include in the setup and users can install it freely, without web connection I've downloaded Install Shield 2010, how can I use it to make setups? It has a feature for supporting VS 2008, is there any sample? and SQL, what is the best strategy for installing SQL? as SQL has really diverse versions each of which is a new world! thanks in advance
  7. hi everybody I use Visual Studio 2008 & C# to program my app, it is desktop based, uses DX and SQL also, I'm somehow familiar with try/catch mechanism, I've used them in some functions in order to identify errors and inform user (also I've made an XML log file which writes records program events). Is there a way to detect all possible errors at once? i.e. should I certainly use try/catch for each function and in each part of my CS files? what is the best code-free way to detect all exceptions? for instance is it possible to make a big try { } block for all program? another question: how can I find name of exception and the code line generating it in order to write it in the XML log file? is there any sample? thanks in advance
  8. hi friends I'm a 3d programmer, also I've been used to mobile development using Java and WTK, but I've made only graphical programs, somethings like games (using some images and working with them), how can I make mobile applications? something like a calculator, or a program that gets some inputs from user and sends them to a phone number using SMS, how is it possible? any sample? what are my tools?
  9. vcGamer

    gymbal lock problem

    thanks buffalo you really helped me, can I have your source codes also? I'll try to implement what you said, I really appreciate your helps my dear friend
  10. vcGamer

    gymbal lock problem

    thanks dear Buffalo That's OK, I use DX which implements row-major matrices (i.e pos is in the last row), can you please help me more in deriving the current X axis? how can I have it? I looked at my matrix but couldn't find these vectors: it is my matrix, world = Matrix.Identity; _meshRotY = 45; world *= Matrix.RotationZ(_meshRotZ * to_rad);//roll world *= Matrix.RotationY(_meshRotY * to_rad);//pitch world *= Matrix.RotationX(_meshRotX * to_rad);//yaw (here I use degrees, not radians) world = {Determinant: 0.9999999 M11: 0.7071068 M12: 0 M13: -0.7071068 M14: 0 M21: 0 M22: 1 M23: 0 M24: 0 M31: 0.7071068 M32: 0 M33: 0.7071068 M34: 0 M41: 0 M42: 0 M43: 0 M44: 1 } here I've made only 45 degrees pitch, and it is my matrix, no translation (translation is stored in 41,42,43 which is now 0, and scale is 1) how can I find these three X, Y and Z axis? thanks again
  11. vcGamer

    gymbal lock problem

    thanks my friend I have a question regarding matrix, as I know position is stored in the last row of matrix, but you have put it in the last column, should I rotate your matrix? I'm making a flight sim so I should use the last suggestion I think As I've understood you mean that I should rotate my object based on its current orientation, is it right? thanks again
  12. vcGamer

    gymbal lock problem

    hi friends can you please help me more? is there any easy implementation for this techniques? dear keinmann can you give me an easy-to-use function, of course I use MDX which is very similar to XNA, is there any sample project or source code showing this technique in use? thanks all
  13. vcGamer

    gymbal lock problem

    thanks for your answers I'll try these methods and will let you know the results my friends, thanks for your achievements
  14. vcGamer

    airplane rotation problem

    thanks, can you please explain it more? you mean 6 degree of freedom? yes I think it is correct, but how can I implement it? is there any sample? how should I use this technique?
  15. vcGamer

    reading & writing BMP in C#

    thanks I mean images that can even be larger than several GBs, as I'm working with geographic files, my problem is lack of enough memory, even if I use 64 bit windows and buy several GBs of RAM, it is always possible that my files are bigger than memory so I cannot load images in the normal way into a C# Bitmap class, and I must read only some pixels of a large BMP file, how can I read only some pixels of my BMP file and write them as a new file?
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