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  1. Particle physics

    Hi all! This is my first post on this forum so sorry if this is in the wrong place :/ I am starting a hobby project before I graduate and have to start actually acting like an adult. I want to make a "wisp" effect. I am familiar with particles and I know what I want to do with lighting, cel shading and whatnot but my main problem is that I am not sure how to attack making a "trail". Now I am sorry if I fail at describing this, but if you think about letting an imaginary particle outside move on a path it would have tails (on its trail) not just going right in back of it but also branching out left and right and swirling around. I am by no means a super great math/physics guy so I am kind of stuck on how to make the particles behave like this. If I do random wind values I am afraid that it might look sort of sporadic and less flowing. Well once again, sorry if this is in the wrong board or if I missed a previous topic on it. Thanks in advance everyone!
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