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  1. I personally would never do this myself (unless I was on an unimaginably tight deadline and missing it wasn't an option). But then again, I'm part of the "problem" in as much as I create such music, and work for a company that sells it. Right now it's probably the only thing paying my bills haha. So I can't really knock it. But I will admit, it's a bitter pill to swallow knowing that people are using products I make to get the work I would like to get. But hey, I've got a whole year ahead of me to change that :) Anyway that's just my personal reflection on the matter. As has been said, check the license. If it's all cleared for use, then go right ahead!
  2. I've seen it mentioned online that I write music for games/tv/etc. - I wish that were the case! But, it's...
  3. When the inspiration won't come...

    I find my best ideas come when I remove myself from the task completely. I can sit in my studio for hours and hours and in the end, all I've done is look at my equipment. Soon as I put some distance between me and my stuff (taking a walk, cooking some food, playing a game or watching a film) ideas start to come. Not always doable I guess, but where you can, just give yourself (and your mind) time and space to breathe!