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  1. The definitive guide to game writing inspiration

    Thanks for the feed back and yes this is my topic, I have dwelled into comic book layout and i love flow charts. My biggest hurdle has been getting whats in my head on paper and having it make sense. Though i am getting better, but this whole thing fasinates me. We are looking at the game being linear, over all. I'm new hear and all so here comes a funny question, what's PM and how do i do this? Is it addictive? There's no breeding animals or romance but the night is still young. Again thanks, Paul H
  2. The definitive guide to game writing inspiration

    Hello everyone, I'm on the oppisite side of the fence. I'm a over active writter at heart and I'm looking at finishing a full storyline, plot, characters, sub-plots and characters for a game. My passion is the writting and what my fellow college and I are looking at doing is finishing and ploishing our idea in story form. Then approach a established game designer, but I was wondering about the type of format and layout we should be putting the story in. There are tons of things in a game like a crazy squid and we want to polish this idea up to look professional. And which companies can be approached? Any direction would be highly appreciated. If anyone is looking for story idea's I would be honored to help. Thank you for your time Paul Hansen