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  1. Hello everyone, I am very happy to announce that SceneMate a Unity3d World Building toolset I have spent long hours working on, is available for purchase! Asset Store Link: SceneMate Website Link: SceneMate Website [size=2]The website contains complete documentation on the tool. Dramatically increase workflow speed with SceneMate. SceneMate is a collection of workflow enhancing tools all in one easy to use package. Some of the many tools SceneMate contains: Snap Tools A wide range of object snapping options. Robust ?Alignment Tools Quickly match the Position, Rotation or Scale of any number of objects to another. Object Painter Tool Paint down objects in your scene with ease, including an array of customization options. ?Enhanced Debug Tool Prints out a number of statistics on the currently selected objects. ?Randomization Tools An extensive number of options to randomly Position, Rotate or Scale any number of objects. Object Replacement Tool Quickly replace any number of objects within a scene. Hot Keys Everything in SceneMate can be assigned to a hot key for easy access and a speedy workflow. Color Swatch Tool Never lose a color again, hold on to all the colors you are working with by storing them in the Color Swatches! Rotation Tools Extends upon Unity 3D's ability to rotate objects, making it quicker than ever. ?Offsetting Tools Offset any number of objects using a wide array of methods. ?Flip Tools Quickly Flip any number of objects on any axis. Object Resetting Quickly reset any number of objects to their default Position, Rotation or Scale. SceneMate will continue to evolve, I will be constantly updating the tool based on feedback I receive. Works with Unity Free and Pro Versions 3.5 - 4
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