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  1. I received the response I needed. Thanks again L. Spiro!
  2. I am a college student in the process of writing a blog ([url="http://mobileappsuccess.blogspot.com/"]http://mobileappsuccess.blogspot.com/[/url]) for a course assignment. I've been instructed to interview mobile development professionals and list their responses within my blog. I need two volunteers if anyone is willing. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email at Draeden26@yahoo.com. Thank you 1. What is your Name? 2. What is your job title and job description? 3. How long have you been in your field? 4. Do you have any advice that you would like to offer someone who is interested in pursuing a career in mobile game development/design? 5. What are some highlights from your career? 6. (Bonus) Anything else you would like to add. Feel free.