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  1. JoeKlemmer

    Game Design User Experience Best Practices // Ultimate Guide

    Thanks for the response. I agree that the usage area breakout you have is probably the best layout for usability, regardless of how you hold your phone.
  2. JoeKlemmer

    Game Design User Experience Best Practices // Ultimate Guide

    I'm curious, are there any metrics on how mobile players actually hold their phones? For instance, I am right handed but always hold my phone in my left hand and use my right index finger to play. This is irrespective of screen size.Is it really more common for players to play one-handed and use their thumb?
  3. JoeKlemmer

    Game Engine for Linux

    You might want to check out LiveCode - http://livecode.com/   Not so much a game engine but it's got lots of built-in stuff to make games.
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